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Ecotric launch new electric street bikes: Ecotric has just announced a new version of their high-power electric bike as Ecotric Peacedove white electric city bike. The bike comes with some impressive and perhaps even ridiculous specs with $699.99.


What are The Health Benefits of Riding an Electric Bicycle?


What are The Health Benefits of Riding an Electric Bicycle

Something we have touched in the past, but have not gone Into detail with, is how much it is possible to improve your health whenever you start riding an e-bike. With that in mind, we’ve assembled some of the many health and fitness benefits you stand to gain whenever you start working having a power bike. Whether you’re a long-time bike rider or someone brand new to the favorite hobby, then we all understand you are likely to love riding one of our e-bikes. If you’d want to learn more about starting, you may either see us here in Portland or provide us a telephone to talk to a few of our knowledgeable and exceptional staff members.

Why ride Electric Bicycles?

Electric bicycles provide you all the liberty and benefits of Cycling, with a little extra help. The end result is less perspiration, more miles and also most of the health benefits of life on 2 wheels.

Ecotric Launched Fat Tire Electric Bikes:

Electric bikes are fast becoming the most recent favorite way to creep across the city. Proving to be very popular in Europe, their rapid escalation in use has launched an exceptional market place that comprises a variety of niches.

Fat Tire E-bikes have easily come to be the most popular type from the E-bike industry. With their 4 inches or larger tires, all these Fatbikes allow you to ride of anything, including rocky streets, stone, and maybe even sand in ultimate relaxation. The Fat Tires come in several different frame styles, for example, shore cruisers, full-suspension mountain bikes and even folding bikes. With its whisper-quiet motor, a few Fat Tire Bikes are even specifically designed as Hunting E-bikes, such as the QuietKat Ambush 750.

The Surprising Health Benefits of an Electric Bike.

Feel much better, ride for more and increase your fitness. With Assistance on the hillier terrain, you can achieve goals or levels of fitness previously considered out of reach. With the gravity-defying capabilities of Electric Bike bicycle, the hills will probably evaporate beneath you.

How Much Money Can You Save With an Electric Bike?

To fully control an electric bicycle battery could shoot around 6 hrs. The scope may vary based on terrain, weather requirements, style selection, battery size as well as other factors, however, you can reach over 200Km on a single charge, which represents great value for the money. Especially once you consider the cost of electricity to charge your battery can be the only 20p.

The Surprising Health Benefits of an Electric Bike

Exercise is necessary for our lives, as all of us know from now. Individuals that are physically active are much less likely than sedentary people to develop cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke, cancer, depression, disabilities in older age, or to perish prematurely.

Potentially, electrical bikes could address those concerns. Their motors shore up your pedaling as necessary — or, using a few electric bicycles, do the pedaling for you — creating scaling hills or riding for extended distances less taxing and daunting than the identical ride on a standard bicycle.

Why Electric Bikes Are Surprisingly Great For The Planet:

There’s the chance to reduce your dependence on motorized Transport and also do your bit to help the environment.

Health Benefit of Electric Bikes – Aerobic Exercise:

Studies show that exercise may have a Huge Effects On your power to fight off disease. This is particularly true when it comes to aerobic cardiovascular exercise, since it increases your heartbeat, pumping oxygen-infused blood all through the body more efficiently. If blood travels throughout the human entire body, it’s supplying your muscles and organs with the oxygen and nutrients they need to work correctly. With the added benefit of strengthening your immune system, that allows you to prepare to fight disease and illness. In actuality, by increasing the quantity you exercise, then you’re able to avoid things like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, and depression.

Health Benefit of Electric Bikes – Strengthening Bones, Muscles, and Joints

An E-Bike is heavier than a bicycle, usually weighing anywhere from 40 to 80 pounds, with the motor and its mechanisms accounting for that added weight. With that excess pounds, an eBike gets the added advantage of improving your strength all through the human body. Everything from maneuvering to balancing and lengthening each of provides a strengthening exercise that can help promote healthier and stronger muscles, muscles, and joints. It will help to stop joint and bone conditions such as osteoporosis, obesity, arthritis, and chronic back pain. Additionally, you will notice a big boost in your system’s core strength, which is being consistently participated as you balance while still riding. Once you take on a lower impact workout like riding an electric bike, you’re ready to boost your bone strength and reduce your risk of osteoporotic fractures, which makes this a great exercise for seniors looking to stay active.

Seniors and People with Health Issues Can Keep Exercising

Not only does the low-impact nature of riding an eBike help Prevent new accidents, but it also helps facilitate exercise without even aggravating existing harms. For older people appearing to work out while working around arthritis or other sore areas, a bicycle permits them to get the benefits of cycling without bringing on extra pain. This goes for people that work their way back to health after hammering themselves. By turning to the engine for only a little extra assistance, it allows riders to estimate if they need to break their body without quitting, which helps to prevent injuries that result from overexertion.

Lark Electric City Bike For Women:

The Lark series features come in 500 Watt Rear Hub Motor with a 36v Lithium Cell battery. You can ride it from distances of 35-60 kilometer per charge. The bike features both pedal assist and throttles the only mode.


Motor: Rear Hub 36V 500W

Battery: 36V 10Ah

Range: 35 Miles Per Charge

Charging Time: 6-8Hours

Battery Life: Up To 1000 Cycles

Why should we use an electric bike compared to a regular bike?

  • Get to ride on sidewalks, through parks, and in bike lanes
  • We do not need a driver’s permit to ride ordinarily
  • E-bikes are more difficult to steal than normal bikes
  • We will not get  riding up hills, will not fight to ride at the Wind
  • Cheaper and more green compared to forcing a Car, no insurance, no gas
  • Get fresh atmosphere and a more straightforward vibe out of pedestrians and Other bikers, more sociable than forcing

What is the difference between Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3 electric bikes?

Class 1 – is a bicycle equipped with a motor which supplies Support just when the rider is pedaling (thus no throttle), also that stops to give assistance when the bicycle reaches at the speed of 20 mph.

Class two – also known as a”low-speed throttle-assisted Electric bike” is a bicycle equipped with a motor that may be used exclusively to propel the bike (in different words without pedaling), and that is not capable of providing assistance once the bicycle reaches at the rate of 20 miles per hour.

Class 3 – known as a”rate pedal-assisted electrical Bicycle,” is a bicycle equipped with a motor that provides assistance just if the rider is pedaling, also that ceases to provide assistance once the bike reaches at the rate of 28 mph, and can be designed with a speedometer.

What is the range I can get from a single charge?

  • 35 Miles Per Charge

How long does it have to bill an e-bike battery?

  • A lithium-ion E-bike battery that is fully depleted will take 3.5 to 6 hours to recharge. Cells which still possess a tight charge when you start charging will need less.

How fast can a power bike go?

  • If you are pedaling, you can go as fast as you are able to pedal it. However, most bikes stop providing electric assist while pedaling at 20 mph. Some will provide assist going at speeds up to about 28 mph.

Can I need a license?

  • No. As long as the e-bike includes a motor size of 750 watts Or less is programmed so it can’t go a lot more than 20mph without pedaling, there isn’t any demand for a license.

What about leaving my electric bicycle out in the rain?

The motor and battery are sufficiently sealed to be protected from the rain. However, we do suggest that if you are carrying your bike on the back of a car and rain is in the forecast, that you place the bike or battery inside the car. Driving 70mph in a downpour with the battery exposed is like pressure-washing your battery. That’s a lot different than riding your bike in the rain.



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