June 2019

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They also contain around 90% alcohol. And, if like many of us, you want to spray it on your entire body rather than your clothes, it’s going to undoubtedly, get absorbed into your skin.

When you make the change to organic cologne you may find that ordinary perfumes odor artificial and nauseatingly sweet. A lot of people get headaches in the heady concoction of artificial ingredients.

Natural perfumes are usually made out of pure essential oils which don’t just smell heavenly but often have health benefits related to them. As an instance, lavender oil has a soothing and calming effect, relieving tension and melancholy and balancing that the central nervous system. Neroli essential oil has cytophylactic properties, helping with all the regeneration of skin tissues and improving skin elasticity. Ylang Ylang essential oil is also known to modulate adrenalin circulation and encourage positive sense; it’s also known as an aphrodisiac. These are just a couple of the essential oils often found in natural cologne.


Now when we say normally we mean plant established aromas. Some traditional fragrances contain creature by-products and aren’t cruelty-free. In the past, leading beauty brands have been proven to have utilized the following within their scents:”civet, a fecal paste extracted from the anal glands of the civet cat; castoreum, a leathery emission by the genital scent sacs of the castor beaver; ambergris, a vomit-like by-product of the digestive tract of sperm whales; also musk secreted from the sheath gland of the musk deer” ** Though today’s musks mostly come in synthetic guise, they’ve been linked to endocrine disruption. *


The pure essential oils from organic cologne will heat into your skin creating your own special odor. Sweet natural scents are hot and sexy; citrus scents are vibrant and fresh; woody scents are hot and sensuous; floral notes are intimate and fragrant.


Natural perfumes could be a fantastic price. While the big beauty brands cost hundreds of dollars for the most recent craze, most ordinary brands are extremely inexpensive. Additional you may even DIY your very own particular, essential oil mix.


Locating a non-toxic alternative to your fave scent is simpler than you might imagine, with lots of amazing brands available. The organic perfumes we stock are completely divine and created with love. The essential oils used are 100 percent pure and certified organic.


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