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Why a tie is a good idea every day

Before I get into the list, I want to say that this is my personal experience wearing a tie every single day. I can’t promise this will happen for everyone. Tie-wearing should be accompanied by good work. The value of a well-dressed sloth is not greater than that of a well-dressed, hard-working worker. Here are some of the benefits that I noticed over the course a year:

Recognized more by coworkers

A tie is only a small piece of clothing. A tie around your neck instantly separates you from all the unbuttoned collars. Even if you are not well-known in the office, or in other departments, people will recognize you by your choice of clothing. Recognizing you can be a double-edged sword. Your upscaled attire could be seen as a threat by coworkers and aspiring managers. These feelings can be a problem, but you should not act pompously. Instead of creating antagonism, your coworkers may be inspired to take off their sport coats and tie to work.

Greater confidence in oneself

My wife noticed that I was wearing a tie the first day I walked out of our bedroom. She did a double-take, and she said, “Wow, you look great!” I felt amazing and held my head high for the rest of the day. While I did receive some sarcastic comments at work, the latter was more genuine. However, the former diminished as I continued wearing the tie. Overall, I felt that I had a better sense of self-respect when I wore a tie every single day.

It wasn’t just the affirmations from others that made a difference in my self-esteem. My self-discipline in choosing the right clothes and knowing that I was different from my peers and coworkers made me stand taller. My experiment revealed a feeling of prestige that harkens back to the 60s and 50s power suits. Although I don’t have any scientific proof, I can guarantee that men who feel they look exceptional exude dignity and confidence. However, it can be a drain on confidence to admit that you are the least dressed person in the room. A tie will make it more likely that you are not placed in such a situation. You can confidently and comfortably attend any client meeting or internal meeting, even if it’s late.

This article is geared towards ties but I’d like to mention the sport coat. A well-fitting, waist-slimming and shoulder-broadening coat can make you stand out from other men (even those with a better body but not as well dressed).

Increased Responsibility

A tie, especially when paired with a sport coat or suit, can help you feel more confident. It will also make others more trust you. You may find this confidence in many different ways, but most often it comes from being given new responsibilities outside of your normal role. You will quickly be able to surpass your peers if you perform these new responsibilities well.

Open to new opportunities

Throughout the experiment, I noticed that I was chosen by my peers to attend client meetings and take on new project assignments. When I asked my supervisor why I was chosen, he said, “We know that you will always dress appropriately for being in front of clients.”

Monetary Gains

Midway through my experiment, I received yearly performance reviews and raises. The office leader informed me that I was receiving the highest percentage of raises, which was only three times that year. This was more than my peers and direct managers, who were higher up than me. This substantial raise was attributed to my professionalism by the office leader.

My company was experiencing some growth pains after their recent purchase. This meant that my department saw a lot of people leaving the company to work for other companies and large layoffs. My experiment was over. I glanced around to see that everyone in my department had either been laid off or left the company. I made this observation to the president and asked him why I was still standing. He replied, “You’re not the last person we would consider laying off.”

How to wear a tie effectively

If you are interested in my experiment and want to wear a tie more often, these tips will help.

Wear the Right Tie, The Right Way

The right tie is just as important as the tie itself. If you don’t pay attention to the style considerations that surround this accessory, it can lead to an immature, awkward, and slovenly appearance. Learn how to tie a tie properly from the following sources:

Comfortable Confidence – Wear it

My father used to say to me that it was easy to see if a man feels at home in a suit at weddings, funerals and proms. Uncomfortable walking, shifting, pulling on different choke points and/or exuding a general sense of discontent are all signs that someone doesn’t feel at home wearing a suit. Wearing a tie will not give you the same confidence. Check the collars of your shirt to make sure they are not too tight. If they feel like a vice grip, collar extenders can be used. Your tie will cover them up.

While it may be possible to adjust your clothes, the best way to feel and look natural in a tie is through experience. You will feel more comfortable wearing a tie the more you wear it. The more confident you are, the better.


You don’t want to lose any of these benefits, so be pompous about the new look. Tie-wearing is not about feeling superior to others but to improve your professionalism and confidence. A boastful jerk is not something anyone admires. You should instead be confident in yourself and humble. Use the following to respond to questions regarding your tie, particularly in the first few weeks.

  • “I have quite some ties at home, and I wanted to make use of them.”
  • “My wife loves it when I look sharp!”
  • “It’s something I just thought I’d try.”

These answers are not acceptable.

  • “I care about how I look, unlike other people who work here.”
  • “People show respect for those who wear ties.”
  • “I found an article on AoM that said I would be promoted faster than you and make more if I did this.”

Be counter-cultural

When I first entered the workforce, the first comments about office dress were “Anything above a shirt and slacks are not really part of the office culture anymore,” and “If there’s an industry here, you won’t see anyone wearing a tie or coat anymore.” While there’s a minimum dress code for office attire, there is no upper limit. While shorts and T-shirts are not acceptable in the workplace, ties and sport coats are rarely frowned upon. Don’t be afraid to challenge your workplace culture by wearing a tie. You will be able to create a new culture, and people will either accept it or they will proudly wear it.

I hope you find this article inspiring to wear a tie or jacket to work. Although ties may seem like a small part of a man’s wardrobe, they are very important in modern settings. The wearer will be distinguished from others by the silk strip hanging around his neck. If done well, this separation can bring about some unexpected benefits.

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