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What are the Different Kinds of Mobile Accessories?

The mobile accessories are seen in a way as an accessory to improve your experience every time you use your mobile phone to work or for entertainment. The categories or types of mobile accessories are endless. However, we have categorized some essentials are essential to have.

Mobile Phone Screen Protectors

Everyone knows how crucial screen displays are for any electronic device that require touch screen functionality for operation. Particularly in the case of mobile phones that relies on the screen’s display. Since we utilize our phones most often for streaming videos, surfing the web and taking pictures, the phone that doesn’t have a screen could be a complete waste of being a mobile phone in first in the first. Given the amount of focus given to screens, equal attention should be given to screen protectors as well. One way to begin is to identify the kind of screen protectors, their components, and their purpose.

The most common reason we use screen protectors is to protect our screens from scratches that can afflict the phone’s screen. Did you know that there are screen protectors which are designed to resist more serious damage? Find out which are the best screen protectors you can buy right now!

Different Kinds Of Screen Protectors

TPU Plastic Screen Protector

The majority of the time, screen protectors are available in various designs and have distinct functions which have advantages and disadvantages. The majority of screen protectors are made of TPU plastic are designed to stop scratching of your phones with light force. Screen guards of this kind is thin plastic film, with or without the color filter. It’s adhesive and easy to attach to your phone. However, plastic screen protectors get worn out quicker, particularly in the case of a rough use for your phone.

Tempered Glass Screen Protector

A phone being dropped is a frequent occurrence with mobile phones. Unexpected movements could result in the phone falling out of your fingers or in your pockets accidently. If you’re in search of an TPU alternative then the tempered glass screen protector is the best for you. This type of screen protector is the strongest of three. It is able to withstand scratching and falls damage. However, if you fall your phone from a considerable high point, the tempered glass is likely to crack. This is normal because it provides your phone with that additional layer of protection to shield the screen from injury.

PET Plastic Screen Protector for Plastic

If your smartphone tends to slide off your hands often and falls off your hand frequently, the TPU material may not be the ideal option. You should instead go with PET Plastic screen protectors. PET Plastic screen protector as the material is more durable against scratches. It’s not expensive considering its longevity. The downside is that it’s more difficult to remove when compared to screen protectors. Another drawback of plastic made from TPU is the fact that it’s not as resistant to damage from falls.

Multi-Layed Screen Protector

This kind protection for your screen is ideal choice if you’re in need of comprehensive protection against scratches and bumps. Like the name suggests this type of screen protector has multiple layers of protection. It’s sturdy enough to stand up to an impact that is more severe. The layers of thickness are there to ensure your phone’s display remains in good condition even when the screen protectors break.


Ultra-Clear models safeguard your screen while providing the best clarity. If you’re looking for an screen protector that is secure from glares, tints, and other added effects the Ultra-Clear screen protector is a perfect choice. It’s a good choice and allows you to feel and see your screen as if no thing above it.

Anti-glare Screen Protector

The screen protector that blocks glare can aid in reducing glares on the LCD screen. This kind of screen protector can assist in reducing eye strain, which is a great feature for those who use devices that are exposed to bright light.

Most often, it has matte-finish coatings that are ideal for reducing fingerprints upon the display. The majority of them have an anti-scratch coatings and the non-adhesive backing does not leave any to no sticky residues on the screen. The only drawback to this kind protection for screens is that that it is known to reduce the clarity.

Privacy Protect screen protector

Privacy protectors are designed to protect your content from prying eyes. They’re designed to make the content on your screen less visible when the phone is positioned to an angle. If you’re a professional who is reading company documents or personal messages on the go it might be a good idea to consider this.

Mirror Screen Protector

Mirror Screen guards allow an appearance that’s similar as those with chromed-out devices. It lets your phone’s screen reflect a clear image similar to what a mirror produces. This is great for people who make use of their phones screens as a mirror in a second position and is particularly useful for applying makeup or checking for facial imperfections.

How Do I Use the Screen Protectors Properly?

The only reason it’s difficult to apply screen protectors that aren’t applied correctly: incorrect methods. While many would have would rather sought professional assistance but you would never have imagined that it’s actually quite simple to do this at home. It’s not just more affordable to do it yourself however, it’s also more practical. All you require are the right tools and knowledge to get started. But, we’re not denying that it’s possible to need some time before you get the hang of it then you’ll never need to seek out a specialist for help.

The most essential steps is choosing the appropriate screen protector. It doesn’t matter if it’s scratch-proof or anti-spy the only thing you have to do is to choose the right screen protector. The final thing you’ll want to do is to tear and stick your screen protectors time and again. Once you’ve chosen screen protectors and you’ve got the right tools to ensure that they are firmly stuck.

1. Cleanse your screen using alcohol wipes. Check for dirt or fingerprints on your screen prior to attaching to the protector for your screen.

2. When you’re finished take off just a quarter or half part of the screen protector from the screen protector, revealing the adhesive. The screen protector should be aligned to your screen’s screen, and alter it accordingly prior to sticking it on the screen.

3. Do not place the entire protector directly on the screen. Instead, gradually make your method of adhering the protection from the top down in order to prevent air bubbles. We recommend using towels to rub the film when you’re applying it.

4. After placing your screen protector on it, you are able to get rid of the air bubbles by pushing them from the screen. Take note that you may need to apply some pressure to remove them from the way.

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