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The Festoon necklace layout dates back generations; Festoons The festoon necklace designs reflect this in its own layout, consisting of threads of chain and other components that are interwoven into a draping necklace.

Though you can trace it’s origins back to historical Times, it has not ceased the Festoon being a basic design of this contemporary everyday wardrobe.

You can often spot a Festoon necklace by their draping components, And the design featured heavily in the Art Nouveau and Victorian eras. You may often find the Festoon necklace designs highlighted with diamonds, pearls, and precious metals.


The lavalier necklace design came about at the beginning of The century. Consisting of a slim chain having a small pendant that has decorative stones or elements hanging from it this sleek and incredibly feminine style of this necklace was popular for years.

Many lavalier designs also connect a mini-chain to a far Larger focal bit. This style of necklace often looks best with a feminine, mild or bohemian fashion.

You may generally find that these to sit princess length and Sit beneath the collarbone.


The single strand pendant can feature either a silver or a Gold chain and is going to have a single focal bit or element. This jewelry design is among the most well-known ones available and wearing a necklace can be among the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe.

With such a Huge array of pendants available to choose from Though, it may be one of the most versatile pieces in your own necklace group. Your pendant can feature a prized gem, a component or even a little charm.


Beaded necklaces are hugely popular since early Times, with the Egyptian pharaohs of older joining in the fun. Nowadays you will find women wearing an Assortment of beaded bracelets made of a Number of materials for example:

  • Glass beads
  • Crystal beads
  • Clay beads
  • Crocheted seed beads
  • Coral beads

You can often find these necklaces paired up using t-shirts, Casual dresses and even a sweater with jeans.

The classic beaded necklace designs such as a pearl necklace Or graduated necklaces are also popular among modern-day fashionistas.


Lariat necklace designs are often longer in duration than a Cartoon length. These are often known as rope or Y-necklaces.

The lariat is exceptional compared to other necklaces designs in It does not have a grip. The beads or chain forms a lengthy rope which it is possible to pull or pull via a round finder.

The lariat necklace will frequently sit just under the belly Button, however, you can wrap it around the throat a few times to form a choker.


A charm necklace Is Extremely similar in design and style to a Classic charm bracelet. Charm necklaces are very popular not just as fashion accessories but also as collectible gifts.

The general feeling of a charm necklace is It Can be Fun and casual, and feature an assortment of charms which are connected to the wearer. Charm designs are now especially popular in recent decades as a result of the trends set by companies like Pandora.

If You Wish to blend up the styling, try going for a vintage Style charm necklace instead. It doesn’t get any more vintage than 2000-year-old Roman Glass.


Choker necklace designs have been popular since the Middle Ages and are a style that sits snugly around the throat. Designs like the Cleopatra-inspired bit above are somewhat more collar-like. You can usually adjust the sizing of the majority of choker necklaces easily with unique fastenings around the neck.

A Lot of People have custom-made chokers designed to a particular length. Chokers are often made from either single piece of cloth or made of multiple different little components.

Chokers are most popular in velvet, gold, and ribbon and Were a common alternative during the Victorian era. Lately, these neck-hugging jewelry style has come back into fashion taking runways by storm all over the world.

The choker can either sit on the neck or just Below the collarbone; you’ll find that the second choice will be a little longer and longer more openly.


A bib necklace consists of a variety of distinct layered Chains or even a single large element which would cover up the entire breastbone. A recent version of the theme is much more dainty in look but maintains the layers of a bib. These high-end jewelry designs have been popular for many years but frequently are expensive.

The complete US spend on jewelry in 2017 equates to more than $17,882 million of which you can make certain this kind of necklace designs are extremely popular within.

The bib necklace layouts may frequently leave quite an impression And will often enable you to stand out, regardless of the event. You’ll usually Find most bib necklace designs worn as statement pieces paired together with formal Wardrobe options.

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