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For a driver, being mindful is among the most crucial aspects of preparation. Being able to concentrate on the task in hand and operate at your peak that is described as being present in the moment, could greatly impact your performance on race weekends.

The ability to focus all of your focus and focus on the present moment is an essential factor in becoming a good racer. The practice of mindfulness involves developing the mind to be focused on a single focus at a time, and returning your attention to the object at any time your mind wanders.

There are a variety of methods for recovering focus, including creating a habit of focusing upon your breath. If you feel a sense of disorientation or worry, learning to focus the rhythms of your breathing naturally helps to restore your mind’s focus to focus on the present moment.

What kinds of methods do you employ to ensure that you are able to maximize your concentration?

There are many methods to getting back in focus, for example, making a habit of paying attention in your breathing. If you feel a sense of disorientation or stress, preparing yourself to focus in your breathing rhythms naturally restores your mind’s focus toward the present.

Another option is to contract muscles on your shoulders, and then focus on the tension. When tension is released it is more easy to focus on the task you did before.

Mental health impacts racing in many ways, however they all have the same factor which is pressure. Motorsport is among the toughest sports to be mentally able. keeping cool while under pressure is an essential ability for the best racing drivers.

The reason why it is crucial that drivers are able handle the pressure?

There are a myriad of scenarios in which you might be feeling pressure, but among the more nerve-wracking one is when in charge of an event. Your ability to deal with the stress while leading could be the difference between winning or losing the race. Being in a position to maintain a calm mind and maintain the concentration required to be at your best is an essential aspect of running an event. The sight of other vehicles in the mirrors can turn off even experienced drivers.

An example of this occurred at the Canadian Grand Prix in 2019, Lewis Hamilton was catching Sebastian Vettel, who was using tyres that were older and had lower speed and put pressure on Vettel. It was the final phases of the race and pressure was mounting for Vettel to do his best. Hamilton was just in front of him and coming into the turn 4 The pressure became just too to bear for Sebastian and he sped to the grass, and lost the win. This incident highlights the importance of learning to concentrate on your own goals, and not be concerned about issues that are out of your reach.

Another aspect of the race weekend that demands focus is qualifying. Qualification is one of the most vital aspects of the race and the onus will be on racers to perform and make the most of their vehicle in just one lap. This one lap can be a major influence on your performance because when you are further away from where you go the more likely it will be to be involved with an incident. A brief burst of force can cause a driver to go under or overdrive; which means either to press too hard and then make an error, or do not put enough pressure on themselves in fear of making mistakes. Finding the right balance between these two factors is essential to completing a fast lap.

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