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The ULTIMATE Plus Size Travel Guide:

Travel –“the movement of people between relatively distant geographical locations;” a vaguely broad textbook definition. At the grand scheme of things traveling does not call for a significance; it doesn’t have one because it’s about the trip. For many, traveling is really a mapped out analog of all areas, people, and activities to unfold — others, it’s an unknown voyage meandering their truths, dares, and anxieties.

Which drivers would be most plus-size friendly and why?

I really don’t believe any airline is truly favorable to bigger bodied individuals but there are some which are far better than others. Southwest’s Customer of Size policy, which gives you a complimentary additional chair based on need and availability, which makes it the most plus size friendly in my opinion. Their chairs feel smaller to me than other airlines thus having the ability to acquire an extra seat for no additional charge is a huge relief. Although I have not ever had any problems when I’ve requested for it understand from other people that this policy isn’t perfect. I flew recently on Meridiana to Italy. The flight attendant noticed how squished I had been and without me asking, moved me into the rear of the plane in which I could have two chairs. On the way back, I managed to transfer my seat to the rear of the airplane and also have an additional seat prior to boarding for no additional fee.

How can you determine your decision in choosing airlines?

As a person with limited means to travel, I mainly select airlines based on price. I find the seats on budget airlines such as Spirit and Frontier to be larger, though not more comfortable, compared to seats on American or United.

Airline seating can result in extreme tension and apprehension for most plus-size journeys, how would you amend these issues and handle the situation?

I think a client of dimensions coverage like Southwest has across airlines are a terrific start. It could be better if this policy was created more well known to ensure clients knew to request it. It would also be great if people addressed the stigma which society has against obese men and women. I believe that the real suffering from flying doesn’t only come in the physical distress of the tiny chairs but out of the stares, glares and sometimes spoken conclusions from other passengers and airline workers.

Which states have you visited are most plus-size friendly?

I have traveled most outside the country to Italy. Southern Italy is more plus size friendly compared to the north. In Europe in general, resort rooms are smaller than what we might be used to in the united states. It’s always a fantastic idea to check into bed size and shower size before booking in the event you can. Additionally, I went zip-lining in Belize and I found that the people there to be super plus size friendly.

What has been your main reward from travel?

Traveling is one of my main passions in life. Seeing the world, although I have a great deal to see, has opened my heart and head not to other people but also to me. I’ve learned to see myself otherwise though traveling. Traveling has shown me my body is capable of anything as long as I do stuff in my terms and urge myself along the way.

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