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Well, I did. And While I can’t force you to do the same, I can let you know what I picked up along the way. And then gently nudge you to do the same. (Kidding.

Let us take it right back to the beginning. From the moment my Engagement conversation began, I had my thoughts over the ring. (I know I’m not alone here!) One of my top concerns: Where will the stone come from? And how would I make a diamond ring feel just like me since I am someone using a minimal, masculine style who wears hardly any jewelry? Following a couple of weeks of pinning and poking by jewelry stores to no avail, my spouse and I determined that we’d need to make our personal ring in order to be pleased with its design and visual appeal.

Know Your Options:

Most diamonds that you see are most mined diamonds, literally mined From the ground by men and women around the world. But they aren’t your only option–and also you might wish to take into account an alternative since conflict diamonds make their way into the market as a result of loopholes in the Kimberley Process, the worldwide initiative created to boost oversight and transparency from the diamond industry. (If you will just settle for a mined diamond, then review Time’s rules for finding one that’s been ethically sourced.)

  • · Start looking for brands with actual photos and videos of all the rocks online (many companies utilize digital renderings). If the website you love does not, fear not: Telephone or email customer service to inquire whether you can access them, and that’s what I did.
  • · Search carat weights only shy of around numbers. A 1.95-carat stone will probably cost less than a 2.0-carat one even though they are virtually the identical weight.
  • · Think about the way in which the ring settings you’re considering would match a wedding ring –following the year or a lot of engagement, you’ll likely wear them together every day. (Unless you decide to go out of the wedding-band tradition entirely; lots of celebs perform !)
  • · Also think about whether you may choose to reset your stone (or stone ) down online. A lot of small diamonds will probably be harder to reset than a bigger stone.
  • · Compare prices on your searches or an internet search engine like
  • · Some companies charge a percentage of the price of the stone in case you choose to return it. When it’s unclear whether the organization that you’re considering charges for returns, ask customer service.
  • · If you can’t find a ring layout you love, start looking for a brand which sells loose stones and provides custom design services. We purchased a loose 12FIFTEEN rock (previously ) and worked with their internal layout studio Permanently Artisans to generate a one-of-a-kind piece.

Shopping Can’t:

After Duty come don’ts–and unfortunately, you will find a few You will need to know about. Let us get straight to it:

  • · Don’t fall for a”too good to be true” bargain. If a diamond or ring is priced way below average, it may be cut poorly, cloudy, etc..
  • · On the other hand, do not get too swept up in having a flawless stone. Many sites show that you diamonds in 20 times their actual dimension (i.e., exactly what they would look like under a jeweler’s loop). In real life, you will not ever be looking at a stone that tightly, and you will not have the ability to see minor flaws or color imperfections.
  • · Do not plan to devote your whole budget on the stone. A setting with additional stones can cost thousands of dollars, and you might also wish to invest in a safe in the event that you will leave your ring in the home for long stretches. Plus, you are going to require money set aside for insurance.
  • · That brings me to my final point: Do not, I Repeat, do not skip insurance. Injuries occur –and to get an average of $1 for Every $100 your ring will cost to replace, you will be covered. (Have a look at The Knot’s helpful briefing.)


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