August 2019

Converting eBooks For The iPad And Nook August 2019

Authors seeking to publish their work on the top rating platforms, such as Apple’s iPad and B&N’s Nook, are encouraged to create multiple eBook file types, for the Kindle, and the ePub file type for the Nook and iPad. There are additional files in which an author can format his or her work in, but for those just starting out, these file types will get your materials on the most popular reading devices and tablets. ePub is an eBook industry standard, meaning that many platforms accept eBooks formatted as ePub files, including the iPad and Nook (and the lesser known Sony Kobo and Diesel).

Typically ePub files can yield more complex layouts in terms of special formatting characters. Although ePub lends itself to a wider audience, the display of content will not necessarily be the same across all platforms.An author looking to publish on the iPad may need to revamp their ePub file to make it suitable for the Nook, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all in the electronic publishing world- and that’s where professional eBook conversion services come in.

The iBook is a powerful publishing platform, as it gives writers and authors complete creative freedom to drag and drop their book into a visually stunning presentation. iBooks supports shapes, charts, tables, text, and widgets anywhere on the page with one click, inclusive of fancy fonts and mathematical expressions, lending well to those who wish to publish manuals or textbooks. The iBook platform integrates audio technology to cater to those with physical impairments, allowing for every element of the iBook to support voice-overs. Authors can also update a new version of their iBook straight to the platform. Apple offers authors about 70% royalties.

Barnes and Noble’s Nook is an industry standard, although not as prominent as its counterparts. In 2013 the Nook launched PubIt! in an attempt to make the Nook a more viable publishing platform for authors to compete with iBooks and the Kindle. PubIt! offers a light version for authors who are unsure of committing to the Nook. The Nook also offers live chat support for authors to help them along the way in publishing; the Nook takes on a unique approach for collaborative tools for work-shopping with other authors.

The Nook has re branded its franchise with Nook Press, giving the Nook several additional publishing tools for writers. Nook press pays up to 65% in royalties, and is free to use. Writers may directly write on Nook Press’ platform and publish work immediately. Choosing an appropriate venue in which to publish your work will depend on the type of text you have created, but it is unanimous that providing readers with an electronic format to purchase books is a sure-fire way to get more people to purchase and read your material. It’s important to keep abreast of recent publishing trends to ensure that you are exhausting all possible outlets of profit. You can follow up with Publisher’s Weekly for eBook publishing trends, they are dedicated to reporting publishing news for a writer-savvy audience.

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