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A complete outfit cannot be completed without the right bag. Explore the numerous kinds of bags within our style dictionary. From women’s bags to men’s handbags, and from luggage terminology to bags for sports, learn all about bag related terms and phrases in our glossary below.

Bags of different types

Backpack (N.) [bak-pakbags which are carried over shoulders using two straps that are thick are known as backpacks. Traditionally, backpacks were huge, particularly for students to carry their books or hikers and travelers to carry their camera, food and water bottle. In 2017, however, there was the trend of smaller backpacks. They could range between the dimensions of laptops to the size of a palm. Also, the rucksack.

Belt bag (N.) Belt bagBelt bag micro bags connected to a belt are referred to as belt bags. The distinction between fanny bags or belt packs is that the fanny bags don’t have any visible distinction between their belt straps and bag, and belt bags are merely bags that are attached to belts. But, some brands employ the two terms interchangeably to refer to these kinds of bags. Also known as waist bags. Also, see the fanny bag.

Bag for bicycles (N.)”bahy-si-kuhl” bag” A bag typically made of washable materials, that is fitted with loops or any other accessories to connect it to a bicycle. It is that is used by cyclists is referred to as the bicycle bag. Bicycle bags come in three kinds: handlebar bag, pannier bagand frame bag.

Bindle (N.) (pronounced “bin-duh”) l] A material sack wrapped around the tip of a stickand carried on the shoulder of hobos in the American Northeastern hobo community is known as the bindle. Bindles were also utilized by the less affluent areas of the West and North-India. In modern times, the word bindle is employed to refer to a bag constructed by tying the opposite ends of a cloth and is designed by fashion companies to provide a an updated, fashionable modern twist to the subculture of hobo. Also, check out hobo bags.

Box clutch (N.) [boks kluhch] Night bags that are held by hand with the form of boxes are referred to as box clutches. Box clutches can also be made in a casual fashion that is used during morning to go with casual attire, typically they are employed as a night-time accessory. Box clutches can be found without straps or handles. Also, check out the clutch.

Bowling bags (N.)”boh-ling”Inspired by traditional bags used to transport bowling balls Bowling bags are a semi-circle in design with handles that are short. Also, check out the duffel bag.

Briefcase (N.) [breef-kaysA rectangular, hard box-like bag with a tiny handle is called a briefcase. Also, check out laptop bags. Briefcases for men are typically well-constructed and heavy. Women’s briefcases can be made from soft materials like leather and feature soft, round edges.

bucket bag (N.) (pronounced buhk-it bag] Bags that feature handles at the top that resemble a bucket, or drawstrings at the top to serve as closures are known as bucket bags. These bags could include the snap or zip (tich) button closures on the inside and usually feature an oval or round base. Also called the drawstring bags in the event that you open the bag’s top, it’s drawnstring.

Bag for cameras (N.) [kam-uhrah bag] A square, designed and padded backpack designed to house cameras, usually having compartments separate for storage of memory cards, lenses and batteries. It is referred to as camera bags. The bags could be professional, and used for carrying digital SLR cameras of professional photographers, and are made for specific camera dimensions. Also, they can be casual and stylish which resemble a traditional bag, especially for women, who carry cameras throughout travel or photography excursions. Also camera case.

Coipdfty Coupons 2022

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