August 2019

Choose the Right Men’s Underwear August 2019

Most people think that only women’s underwear has different categories and many kinds. But men’s underwear and men’s swimwear also have different kinds and styles. Every man has his own preferences when it comes to underwear. Some want comfort when wearing one, while others like a bit of style and fashion with comfort. Designers have been experimenting with different types to provide the best in comfort and style. Then there are different fabrics that are used to make men’s underwear. Here are some of the basic types that are preferred by men from all around the world.


Most of the men today like to use boxer type of underwear. It is the most comfortable of men’s underwear and is liked by all sizes of men. This name was given because these resemble closely to shorts that boxers wear during their matches. Length of the boxer varies from mid thighs to knee length. It goes perfect with loose fitting pants and jeans. Men who are doing any kind of labor or sports prefer these because the loose fitting provides them comfort especially during warm weather where people feel uncomfortable because of sweat.


Brief is the traditional type which is worn at waistline. A Y-shaped front fly opening is the signature of brief. It covers completely front and back and the length is no more than waist to starting of thigh muscles. There are three different sizes that are made in brief. Low rise brief, mid-rise brief and ordinary brief. Difference between these three is where they usually sit at the waist line. Brief is men’s underwear of choice for people who wear suits because it is not loose and easily fits under the pants.

Boxer briefs

This type of men’s underwear is a combination of both boxer and brief. It provides fitting of a brief but the length is longer like a boxer. It provides flexibility during movement because of fitting and has quickly become the underwear of choice for men all around the world.

These are the most commonly used underwear for men. Many other varieties are also available in them with different styles and look. Men’s swimwear also has different types and styles. Most men prefer boxer shorts for swimwear but today you can buy different types of men’s swimwear. From lose fittings to tight fit and different lengths are all available depending on preference of the person.

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