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Do you want to include one or two options which are child-friendly in your corporate list of gifts?

If yes, the 5 ideas below are possibilities you should consider. All of them are pleasant for the young ones and at the same time helpful to the parents.

Sets of Pencils

Every parent knows that you need to have something readily available to keep the young ones busy. The wait in the doctor’s office may be longer than you expect or traffic may cause a big jam, making the journey home longer than usual.

These are the times when having a pencil pack in the handbag or bag for diapers becomes handy. You can also keep the pencil set behind the car seat’s back, inside the small compartment. This enables the kids to easily access them.

Tissue Packs

This is a corporate gift which is simple and affordable which is useful for parents. Little noses will always need to be wiped and gums need to be disposed of elsewhere apart from the floor!

Tissues are also used for a lot of other small functions. As children grow older, tissues are still useful as accidents are bound to happen.

Clips for Keyboard Cleaner

These cleaner packs which are convenient can be placed on top of your laptop or monitor for flat screen. After the kids place their grimy fingers on all the keys, it is simple to pick one and wipe the keys immediately.

Many people do not normally keep this in their homes and parents who have small children will be happy with this gift if their kids enjoy experimenting with the computer.

Frisbees Which are Foldable

This gift is fun for people who keep dogs and have kids. They are folded to a very small size which is light in weight. They can therefore be pulled out anytime they are required, and provide great fun.

If a parent is walking past a park on a beautiful afternoon, they may be tempted to make a stop and have adventurous fun with a Frisbee, either with the young ones or a pet.

This kind of gift motivates your employees and clients to venture outside and derive pleasure from life a bit. It is ideal for someone who has children or not.

Pens or Highlighters containing Post It Pads which are Built In

This is a most unique corporate gift bound to bring enjoyment to parents and kids also. It is definitely bound to mesmerise kids of every age so long as they are mature enough to restrain from marking carpets, walls and other surfaces which are not appropriate.

Parents can also make this kind of gift their own as it can be very useful in some circumstances in the world of adults. For instance, you may be delayed in the airport and may require somewhere to write down a telephone number.

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The above ideas for corporate gifts are ideal for your customers’ and employees’ children. They are suitable for small children and are still useful for the parents in various ways.

There is nothing more you could ask for, in a corporate gift which is easy to afford!

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