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Packing for a Bucket List trip to Nepal, Peru or Thailand Might appear daunting, as hey, it is not every day that you go tens of thousands of kilometers away from home. Just how many pairs of socks would you really require? In the event, you pack hiking sticks? What goes in your carry-on? And, how do you keep your passport safe?

We sat with just two specialists from REI Adventures, our Adventure travel service that offers a lot more than 150 busy guided trips around the world, and yet another REI travel expert to provide top hints out of their own years of travel experience.

1. Keep important documents safe. Hold your passport, Driver’s license and travel insurance with you all the time –if you are going on an adventure travel trip, you should seriously think about purchasing emergency medical and evacuation coverage. And maintain those essential items on your person in any respect times. In addition, it is a fantastic strategy to scan those records, store them to your phone, and email them to your own contacts in your home. Save the rest of your essential documents–such as bookings and itineraries–such as photos that you can access via your phone, or make a contact folder you can gain access from any locale. “In case you’re traveling globally, have a physical copy of your passport and package it separately so that you can go to the nearest embassy and reveal it to help faster.

2. Lighter is better with adventure travel. If you’re touring by bike or researching Many destinations, so you” might be moving nightly, so you don’t want to have a whole lot of stuff. Keep your bag light and small. Don’t know where to start? Ditch items that don’t serve two purposes–for example, Belinda packs a poncho instead of a raincoat and a backpacking pack cover.

3. Be smart about your own carry-on. Belinda always carries a warm layer, spare Toiletry kit, medications, clean socks and underwear in a day pack. She wears her hiking boots and straps her cycling shoes and helmet to the outside her carryon (the combo doubles as a terrific conversation starter), so she’s ready for day one of her adventures, even if the airline loses her luggage.

4. Move with Quickdry clothing. “You want to clothe which you Can hand wash and dry immediately on a towel rack. Synthetic pants and tops not merely pack small, but in addition moisturizes sweat and dry very quickly after washing. Be extra cautious by bringing detergent combined, too. We adore the Sea To Summit Trek and Travel (liquid) and Pocket (mini-sheets) laundry wash, which are both TSA environmentally friendly compliant.

5. Fewer clothes are somewhat better. Janel brings three pairs of Clothes–a mix of trekking shorts and pants and long sleeves and short-sleeve shirts, and usually 1 apparel, too. “People get really Concerned about wearing the Very Same clothes over and over again–but no one is paying attention

6. Package small. The specialists had been divided into the Age-Old argument On whether to roll clothes or fold them. Proponents of rolling say wrapped clothes use less space and also you are able to see all of your stuff at a glance. Those who fold state lighter clothes tend to be more easily packed. Both proponents of rolling and folding recommend Eagle Creek packing cubes. These colorful cubes separate your underwear out of your pajamas to keep you organized on long trips. Don’t forget to fill every inch of available space in your bag. “I will have a hat plus it is upside at the exact middle of the tote with clothes stuffed inside. It seems to maintain its shape well away,

7. Use a duffel. “Duffels are far better compared to the hard-case bag because they are soft. It’s true: Whether playing bag Tetris in the back of a cab or onto the backs of pack animals, duffels possess a leg on carry-on bags. Even the REI Co-op Big Haul 60 Duffel, having its easy backpack conversion, can be really a super-versatile choice. In other words, duffels with straps make hurrying through the terminal or running to get your bus easier, not to mention the fact that they’re lasting and smashable–a necessity when it comes to adventure travel. And”I feel as if I’m coaching when I walk through halls

8. DoubleUp on socks. They are the one thing which hardly Takes up any room. “I actually don’t skimp on socks. I do not mess up with them. Don’t neglect to stash a set of”jeans that are sacred .” That is the set you save to wear when all else is soaking wet or destroyed.

9. BYOWB (Bring Your Own Water-bottles ). While you can not carry water in water bottles Through TSA, you’re able to fill your bottles up on the opposing hand. It’s one way to be eco-friendly throughout your travels, even as your carbon footprint expands with each plane ride. We are all about the Katadyn BeFree Collapsible Water Filter Bottle as it adheres to next-to-nothing and filters water as you drink.

10. Be ready for rain. In actuality, be prepared for any weather. Think like a backpacker and bring a rain jacket–and depending upon the climate, rain pants and also a bunch cap, too. After all, “whenever you’re on an experience travel tip, you’re likely to hike whatever the elements.

1 1. Consistently have your Ten Contest. “I have the REI Co-op Expandable Packing Cube I maintain my Ten Contest in. It goes with me everywhere, and I usually travel with it if I will be doing anything busy on the trip. “And make sure you carry out your multi-tool if you aren’t checking the bag”

1 2. Bring your over-the-counter medications. If you’re on a guided trip, your guides will have lots of set first-aid options. Nevertheless, having your very own tried and true blister kit, hydrocortisone, antibiotic soaps, and allergy pills are essential. Make sure you bring extra prescription meds on your carryon, too. There is absolutely no guarantee you’re going to have the ability to really get your hands on specific fundamentals in suburban places.

13. Have a bandana or Buff. This Is Most Likely one of the very Versatile items that you may pack–you may utilize it for dust, perspiration, stopping runny noses, finding new hairstyles and simply producing a style statement. And, in case you are in the backcountry, pack two and you’ll have pee rag, too.

14. Don’t forget your light supply. Janel utilizes her phone’s Flashlight in dimly-lit shared distances, so as not to bother her roommates. Places vary, she says, like”in Nepal where they regulate their own light. Sometimes you’re captured without electricity for hours on end, and you will require a light source,” or you’ll be stuck at night. We recommend a small, rechargeable Head Lamp like the Fenix HM5OR.

15. Locks may be theft deterrent. But they are not theft-proof. If you’re going to set a lock onto your duffel or luggage, put money into a TSA-compliant lock so airport staff could access your checked luggage without needing to hurt your own handbag. As always, do not pack anything valuable–store it on your person instead.

16. Ask your airline for backpack protection. In case you are just Flying with a backpack, make certain you guard the straps by cinching them tight and wrapping your belt around the back of one’s bunch, then packaging the whole part of a huge duffel or plastic bag, which most airlines may provide.

17. Check your trekking poles. It’s an Age-Old question: Carry on or check? Although we’ve heard stories of carrying them on, most airlines require that you check on them as they do have a pointed tip. “I really like my Leki hiking sticks that weigh nothing and fold up. Just make sure you ensure that they can fit in your luggage. To shield your duffel, utilize the hiking sticks’ tip guards, and also to protect them from breaking or bending, pack them close to something big, like your own day pack.

18. Maintain your lesser-used items at the bottom of your duffel. Lay the base of your duffel with heavy items you’re not planning on accessing right away–presume extra sneakers, rain pants, crampons, a daypack. And, what are you currently using straight away? Pack toiletries on top, so that you’re not digging throughout your pack in the event that you get to your destination late in the night.

1-9. Doublecheck TSA regulations until you package. This can be Your full resource.

20. What gear should you bring and what do you need to rent? Belinda has this down to a science. If she is spending a day or two doing a sport, she will rent everything she needs when she has to her destination. If she is there for a more excursion, she will deliver the Main equipment she wants for every action:


Pack your helmet, shoes, gloves, and saddle. Leave your bike At house –you are able to rent very pleasant bicycles and try out a new brand in an alternative nation. Plus, you will save the price and hassle of carrying away your bike, flying it putting it back together.

Back Packing:

Pack your own boots, sleeping bag, and backpack. You can lease Pads, tents and trekking poles from most guiding organizations.


Pack your boots and exploit them. Your manual can provide the rest.


Pack your preferred mask and snorkel–simply because if you are in Baja swimming with sea lion pups, you’ll want a good fit. Rent the wetsuit, paddles, PFDs, and ships in your destination.


Pack your mat and towel. It May occupy a while in your Bag, but being comfortable will probably be worth it. Plus, if you are intending on enjoying Your practice on the beach, a local park or even on your accommodation, it’s much Tougher to rent a mat abroad.


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