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Are Bully Sticks suitable for Puppies?

No matter if you’re brand new to puppyhood or are aware of what to expect, you’re aware of the extent to which puppies love chewing. Clothes, shoes and handbags, furniture, you can name it. In the first days of teething everything is off limits. While this is the time, establishing the boundaries of chewing for your dog can be a constant struggle.

Even though it is a test of your patience You probably be aware that the puppy’s need to chew is totally normal and natural. Alongside alleviating the discomfort and pain from teething, it also helps to maintain a positive mental state by releasing two essential neurotransmitters, serotonin and dopamine helps to combat boredom and also strengthens the jaw muscles.

Bully sticks are among the most delicious chew toys that you can offer your puppy to satisfy their craving to chew and chew things until they’re dead!

Here’s why:

Bully sticks encourage healthy growth for puppies.

Bully sticks* are nutritious, high-digestible chew food that is easily digestible within the stomach of your puppy. They are made of beef muscle. They are rich in protein and low in fat, providing a healthy chew that can meet the demands of your puppy’s expanding body. The chewing of bully sticks is not just going to entertain and delight your puppy for long durations of time however, as they contain all the necessary amino acids that dogs need and will help support the development of the skin, muscles coat, brain and coat as well.

Bully sticks can be beneficial for the health of your puppy’s mouth. Chewing on the bully sticks is the natural method to eliminate the biofilm that builds up in the mouth. It eventually becomes plaque if not eliminated. By keeping plaque away by chewing on them, you can prevent gum disease as well! In addition, chewing can stimulate saliva, which is high in Lysozyme and helps keep the oral bacteria (bad bacteria) under control.

What size of a bully stick can I give my pup?

Bully sticks are excellent for puppies as they are durable. The sticks of bully last longer than regular chews for dogs because they are baked at high temperatures following they have been dried which makes them lovely and durable. They also come in various sizes, so you can give different-sized bully sticks to your dog as he matures into an adult.

Bully sticks usually come in lengths of 6 inches or 12 inches and thicknesses that range from a tiny 10-millimeter (mm) up into extra-thick sizes of 23 millimeters or more.

Be cautious to pick sticks that match your dog’s size. If the stick is too large for your dog to carry is likely to be too large of a stick to eat in one go. Be aware that overfeeding may cause stomach upset for dogs.

In contrast, giving a small amount of an item to a bigger puppy will not only reduce the amount of time that he will spend with the stick, thus diminishing the benefits of it, but can also increase the risk of him ripping off a tiny piece and then choking on the stick. Ingestion of a small and uncooked piece of bully sticks can cause obstruction in the intestines.

Here’s a simple chart of sizing that to use as a reference for feeding your puppy’s bully sticks based upon the weight of your dog. We suggest starting with smaller and thinner sticks and then gradually introducing the 12-inch sticks when your dog weighs at least 45 pounds.

Be aware of your puppy’s calories intake

Monitor the amount of calories your puppy consumes to ensure she is at the right weight. Because they are dense chews, they’re also very calorific. You should adjust any treats you’re feeding your dog when they are given bully sticks to make up for the extra calories, and keep their food in place to ensure a healthy and healthy diet.

In general the average size of a 6-inch medium bully stick contains roughly nine calories in an inch which is about 54 calories for each stick. We recommend feeding the dog bully sticks at no more than 2 to 3 times per week, unless you’re getting rid of the bully stick prior to it being completely eaten. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t keep a bully stick for a long time, even after many chewing sessions.

All bully sticks are not made to be

Learn how to differentiate the difference between a high-quality bully stick and one that isn’t. Keep an eye out for sticks marked with “No Odor.” While this could be your ideal goal for a dog’s parent, sticks marked “No Odor” are often treated with chemical during the drying process to cover or neutralize the natural scent of the bully sticks. However sticks that are labeled by “Low Odor” are fine and it simply signifies that they’ve been baked or smoked in the drying process in order to lessen the natural odor.

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