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Broadly, mobile air quality monitoring involves deploying Instruments for a brief time at a temporary location, before moving them to a different location. All these deployments could possibly be as brief as a few hours or a few days. Often instruments are mounted in or on a car, inside a trailer or mounted briefly. Regardless of the deployment, the site is handled as momentary, and the instrument is moved after a short period. Aeroqual tools have been deployed for mobile air quality monitoring projects within sockets, on the roofs of trucks, in pickup trucks and forth on temporary racks.


Simply put, you are able to pay for more locations, fast and more Cheaply than simply deploying a stationary site. Air quality varies, and mobile tracking lets you respond to these changes quickly. A tool in a van can be transferred as easily as driving the van to a new location. A tool on a stand could be packaged up readily and redeployed in the following website. In case a community of sites already exists, then mobile air quality monitoring can be employed to fill in the gaps between present sites. In the same way, mobile tracking can be a helpful initial step in assessing where to locate fixed sites so as to quantify the highest levels of pollutants and also increase the value of the system. For instance, let’s say you would like to comprehend the characteristics of a little area — cellular tracking permits intensive, small scale campaigns which enable detailed comprehension of air quality. Mobile monitoring can often work out cheaper than fixed monitoring. A stationary site will need a selection of infrastructure to function, including electricity relationship, mounting, and safety agreements — and all this is a fixed expense and is really tough to move. Employing cellular tracking, the setup costs are shared across multiple sites — so that the more websites that may be monitored with a cellular setup, the cheaper each one becomes.


Regulatory agencies regularly use mobile air quality monitoring For analyzing new site locations and hammering holes in their networks. However these mobile sites tend to be regulatory sites’ on brakes’ — they nevertheless need mains power, security and may often require a large area for deployment. They are complex and require a good deal of maintenance and servicing. Aeroqual’s instruments work well for mobile monitoring, because they are mobile, strong and self-contained — they can be mounted in or on a car easily and with just a power source required. Let us look at a few examples.

In India, cellular tracking methods are being used to evaluate the impact of regulating traffic amounts in Delhi. A 15-day trial, even where strange and even number plate vehicles have been excluded from town has been undertaken to evaluate the potential effect on air quality throughout the city. 210 locations will be monitored in 15 days, using a tool mounted on a small van. Monitoring with this scale is too complex, costly, and time-consuming to perform with fixed monitoring. Mobile monitoring permits immense regions to be covered in a relatively short period.

In Greece, cellular monitoring is utilized as part of a wider Environmental monitoring program for a large motorway, intending to understand the impact of the motorway on air, water, and noise. By mounting tools in a van, the operators may evaluate air quality along the whole motorway, quickly and without needing a network on multiple websites. Concentrations may be analyzed at different segments of motorway, for example at interchanges, under various traffic flows and volumes, and at various times of the day.

In New York City, the Department of Environmental protection Is using instruments mounted at a van to meet the gaps in their network, and also to assess areas which they suspect might have air quality difficulties. The mobile van lets many locations to be coated, with no infrastructure required — it merely needs someplace to park.

Lately, agencies are using mobile monitoring as a Way of understanding air quality impacts of industrial accidents and organic disasters. Back in Australia, mobile air quality monitoring has been utilized to quantify Particulate Matter (PM) concentrations by a coal mine, and additionally from Naturally happening bushfires. Using a mobile system ready to go, bureaus Are able to react immediately to an event, whilst also using the flexibility To alter their response if things change during the deployment.

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