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The advantages and disadvantages of Using At-Home Laser Hair Removal

A few DIY beauty tips are worth the effort. You’ll be able to cut down on time and expense by coloring your hair’s roots or plucking out your eyebrows from the comfort in your bathroom. But what about do you know how to remove hair using lasers?

Although the procedure used to be only available at the dermatologist’s office, now days , you can purchase small devices to remove hair on your own.

However, before you say goodbye to that razor goodbye you should know the opinions of dermatologist Rachel Ward, MD, has to discuss the safety and efficacy the use of such devices.

Permanent hair removal

Hair removal laser devices function by killing the hair follicle. However, hair growth occurs in cycles, and lasers only affect hair follicles during the active phase of growth. Therefore, it requires multiple treatments, approximately 1 month apart to stop the growth of hair.

For certain people, the removal of hair by laser isn’t 100% permanent. You may require an annual maintenance procedure or so in order to prevent any the hairs that are stray from appearing.

The procedure isn’t inexpensively. The process of laser hair removal may cost around $100 per session and could require a half dozen or more sessions (or greater) to remove each one of the follicles. It is possible to earn more than 1,000 dollars for an unnatural bikini line.

In the meantime, you can purchase an at-home laser for hair removal at a cost of $400 to $500. On first sight, it appears to be a more prudent option for an investment. However, there are some crucial warnings the Dr. Ward says.

Laser hair removal at home Pros and Cons

There are two kinds of devices at home to remove hair. One is a real laser, another uses an intense pulsed light. Both remove hair and they’re both less effective than the one you’ll find in the dermatologist’s office. Dr. Ward explains.

This is both good as well as bad. On the other side, less power comes lesser accountability. The devices can be safe for beginners to utilize at home, meaning you won’t have to fret about sexing yourself for smooth skin. (Still be sure to adhere to the guidelines exactly since you’re using a lasers can be dangerous..)

Other disadvantages: It’s difficult to cover large areas of ground — such as the entire length of a leg with these small devices Doctor. Ward says. They may not be robust enough to make you completely hair-free. “Over several sessions, you’ll see a decrease in your hair count that you see but it will not be a hit,” she says.

Who should consider the at-home hair laser?

One of the major negatives to laser hair removal is that The instruments only work with only a small range of hair and skin color. The lasers focus on the pigments within the hair follicles. They can only be effective if there’s lots of contrast between the hair and the skin. This means that the lasers are recommended for those with fair facial skin as well as dark.

For those who have darker skin tones, the risk of burns is higher however to reduce this, many home devices contain sensors that prevent the devices from working on skin with darker shades.

If you’re not able to get the combination of dark and pale skin Professional lasers are the only alternative. “The lasers that we employ in our dermatology clinic are more advanced and are suitable for patients who have skin of any shade,” Dr. Ward states.

Removal of hair with lasers safe

If you’ve got the correct hair and skin tone they are safe to use Dr. Ward says. But it’s essential to use them properly.

Don’t make use of them:

  • Close to you eye area (though that the top lip is fine).
  • Over tattoos or areas of pigmentation such as moles.
  • In the genital region (but it is safe to concentrate on that area of the bikini).

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