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CBD: What exactly is it, and does it benefit the heart?

CBD is the latest health trend that has swept the market with claims that it will assist with anything from chronic pain swelling to an anxiety. What exactly is CBD is, and can it actually help the heart? Emily Ray finds out.

What exactly is CBD or is it legalized in the UK?

CBD, also known as cannabidiol is a chemical extracted from the flowers and leaves from the plant cannabis. Cannabis itself is an illegal class B drug, as is the compound THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which it contains. But the pure CBD isn’t illegalsince it doesn’t trigger the intoxication effects that cannabis can cause.

Which CBD products are on the market?

The variety for CBD products has grown dramatically recently You can purchase capsules, oils, sprays, gels and drops for oral use along with sweets, tea, beer and hummus. You can even buy CBD-infused clothing.

A lot of them are available from trusted high-street stores like Holland & Barrett or Boots.

Costs can be high A bottle of 500mg of CBD oil drops for oral use could cost more than PS45. This isn’t putting people off: in the last two years CBD sales CBD have nearly doubled in UK and put the number of regular users at a quarter of one million.

What exactly is CBD employed to treat?

A report from the World Health Organization suggested that CBD can help with symptoms related to diseases like cancer, MS, Parkinson’s disease (MS) and depression, anxiety as well as insomnia, Alzheimer’s disease and other.

It also states that the research is in its early stages and that further studies are required before any conclusion can be reached regarding whether CBD is efficient.

CBD’s popularity has received an increase due to its popularity due to the fact that 2 CBD-based medicines have been approved for prescribed usage through the NHS in England: Epidyolex, which has been proven to decrease seizures in children suffering from severe epilepsy. Also, Sativex that contains the combination with CBD and THC and is approved to treat muscle stiffness and spasms among people suffering from MS.

Does CBD work?

Harry Sumnall, Professor in the field of Substance Use in the Department of Substance Use at Liverpool John Moores University and says “In regards to the CBD products that can be found in shops There’s no evidence to back up the claims made about the majority of these. There’s a lot in marketing which claims that CBD is a’miracle for the 21st century’ However the marketing has outstripped the scientific evidence about the effects it has on.”

Professor Sumnall believes that although CBD oil may be beneficial for certain people however, in certain instances, the effects could be due to that placebo effect (where patients’ belief in the treatment can make them experience a better feeling). The placebo effect is strong, but Professor Sumnall warns people not to decide to try CBD oil without speaking with their physician the risk could be an issue.

The most significant distinction between CBD utilized in clinical trials and retail stores is the amount. Studies have shown that certain products have very little CBD (or perhaps the absence of CBD altogether). Some contain THC, or other illegal substances, and some even alcohol in lieu of CBD. In contrast when it comes to clinical trials, the CBD is filtered, produced to a high quality and administered at the highest dose. Also, it is taken on a regular basis and under the supervision of a medical professional.

Since 2016 every CBD products that are advertised as having medicinal value has to be licensed and controlled as a drug regardless of whether it’s actually effective. Manufacturers must follow extremely specific and strict rules for production, packaging , and information they provide.

However, as Professor Sumnall notes, CBD products in shops are advertised as foods supplements, not as medicines which is why none have been through this procedure.

Can CBD aid in the healing of the heart?

Inflammation is a part in the process that contributes to a variety of diseases, such as coronary heart diseases, high blood pressure and stroke There is evidence to suggest that CBD can help reduce inflammation. There are other studies that have indicated that CBD could provide a protection effect to the heart. This is proven in rodents following having suffered a cardiac attack as well as in mice suffering from certain heart problems caused by the disease diabetes. However, since these studies tend to be based on lab findings or in animals, and not in humans, it is difficult to at present be sure that CBD could benefit the human heart.

There is ongoing research on the effectiveness of more pure versions of CBD for a wide range of ailments that include circulatory and heart disorders, and in particular heart diseases. muscle, such as myocarditis and certain types of cardiomyopathy.

Some of the research still being conducted in animals but more research is required before we can be certain that CBD can aid in this field.

“It’s evident that CBD could be a viable option,” says Professor Sumnall, “but we’re at a very early stage of the research.”

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