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Benefits of feeding wild bird species

Birds are always looking for steady, reliable foodstuffs. It is possible to help those who are scarce by providing birds with feeders with suet, seeds, or other fruits to help the natural foraging of birds. In winter, feeders for birds provide the ability to locate an entrée when their regular food sources are hidden under snow. During time of breeding, the feeders can provide additional nutrition to birds that help them to have healthy, strong young. Simple acts of providing backyard bird feeders will provide your birds a better overall health than birds living in areas with no feeders.

In the average, birds consume about 1/3 to 1/4 from their weight each day. When you feed the birds, you are providing an effective way for birds to utilize their energy for foraging.

The greatest part? It’s just as beneficial to you, as for birds! The benefits of bird food are almost infinite.

Birds of all kinds will come to your home and entertain you with their unique behaviours and personalities.

Birds also consume insects, providing natural pest control, without poisonous chemicals.

Do you realize that the birds aid with pollination of flowers? There are approximately 22,000 species of birds that pollinate. These birds aid in fertilizing plants by moving pollen from one bloom to the other while they fly between eating the nectar, or seeds.

Smaller birds, like finches consume seeds from seeds-bearing flowers or weeds that may not like in your garden. Feeding these birds can bring them closer to your garden and motivate them to assist in your garden.

Artists will find endless inspiration in the pranks of birds in the wild. If you’re fast enough, you might be able to capture a picture – or if you’re truly lucky, draw them into the landscape.

A lot of us reside in urban areas. Feeding wild animals can help connect us to the natural rhythms of the world that surrounds us. Children in particular benefit from studying different species of birds that live in their backyard Think of it as an outdoor science lesson.

Choosing Your Feeder

More feeders that you have and the greater variety of food that you can offer the more diverse your collection of feathered guests will be.

Tray Feeders are multi-functional because they can be used to hold almost every bird food, but they do not provide any protection against the elements. Be sure to check your seeds frequently to ensure they are clean and dry.

Hopper Feeders perform better during cold and wet seasons as they provide protection as well as a dry area to feed. They are popular with birds of medium size such as grosbeaks and cardinals.

Window feeders are attached right to your windows in your home to give you a closer view of the birds that visit to feed. Some are fixed to the windows with suction cups while others are able to be inserted in the window frame. All window feeders are constructed using clear acrylic, which gives you the most complete view of your wild guests.

Tube Feeders are great for small songbirds who might not have space at large feeders. The feeders are full of black sunflower seeds to attract chickadees, nuthatches as well as redpolls, titmices as well as wrens, sparrows and wrens.

Nyjer(r) (also known as Thistle) Feeders can be a favourite of buntings and goldfinches. They are often resemble ordinary Tube Feeders but the small seed port is made intended for use with the finest seeds such as millet or thistle. It also helps keep squirrels out of your garden from taking your bird’s meals!

Suet Feeders are mesh wire baskets that contain suet cakes that are made from mixture of fat seeds, nuts, and sometimes insects or fruits. Watch out for warblers, woodpeckers as well as chickadees, jays and woodpeckers to visit to enjoy a high-energy sweet treat.

Hummingbird feeders are either clear or colored cylinders which hold sugar water in liquid form. They typically have vivid reds or floral patterns visual cues popular with birds to hummingbirds. The nectar should be changed every week to stop fermentation and will keep these stunning Acrobatic birds content.

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