August 2019

Big Really Is Beautiful in Plus Size Lingerie August 2019

We have been bombarded with images of young, skinny girls wearing next to nothing in the media for years. What is really reassuring for normal women though, is the trend of using plus size models to advertise what women really wear. Although we have been conditioned to think that thin is beautiful, this simply isn’t true as big really is beautiful and should be celebrated by both men and women.

Lingerie can often be found online but in small sizes. Real women struggle to find sexy lingerie that fits them and flatters their curves. This is changing though and the best lingerie retailers are now designing beautiful lingerie for the larger lady.

What kind of lingerie suits the plus size lady? Well corsets, bustiers, babydolls and teddies are all very popular and look great. If we take a look at the corset for example, this really suits a shapely woman as it pulls her in around the stomach area giving her a fabulous curve. The bust is also really enhanced as it pushes the breasts up and separates them, showing them off at the very best. Steel boned corsets are always advisable as cheap corsets will deform really quickly and look unsightly. Steel boning in corsets keeps the shape, holds you in but lets you breath. Some corsets come with silk sashes or lace ties to really show off that waistline. The slimmer lady might not get the same look with a corset as curves are really showcased in this piece of underwear. Babydolls are great because they are often sheer, showing some skin but covering up parts that us ladies aren’t always keen on. Babydolls give your partner something to explore and undress, very erotic and arousing. You can get babydolls and teddies in mesh material, lace or satin and they really are flattering.

When you wear a corset you may like to wear some sexy lace panties with them. Some panties are designed to frame the bottom, cupping the buttocks whilst exposing the top area of the bottom. they often come with an attractive bow that finishes the look off perfectly. Men and women love lace and it really does offer a seductive, feminine appearance which will make the woman feel desirable and the partner aroused.

Stockings are also a big turn on and size doesn’t affect this look in any way at all. Legs in black stockings look slimmer and longer, particularly if worn with killer high heels. You can get stockings that are held up with a suspender belt or hold up stockings. These are particularly popular as they come with a range of stocking tops. Lace is beautiful of course, but stockings can also have ribbon tops, thick bands or even tassels. Fishnet stockings and seamed stockings look gorgeous and will certainly get you some attention!

So for something very special, the larger lady doesn’t have to look very far anymore. Plus size lingerie is available on all the best lingerie websites.

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