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The Best Air Purifiers:

1. Ultraviolet Air Purifiers

Ultraviolet (UV), air purifiers are equipped with ultraviolet light that can remove harmful bacteria and viruses from your home. Hospitals that use ultraviolet light bulbs to disinfect patient rooms or laboratories inspired the development of UV air purifiers. The residential UV air purifiers can be small and compact, filtering the air through a chamber that is filled with ultraviolet light. The UV light damages pathogens by breaking their molecular bonds and DNA. Depending on the model, ultraviolet purifiers may cost as low as $50 or as high as $800.


2. HEPA Air Purifiers

HEPA air purifiers remove 99.7% of particles greater than 0.2 microns from your home’s air. HEPA air purifiers can remove particles such as pollen, dust, and dander from the air. HEPA air purifiers can be purchased for between $30 and $300, depending on which model you choose.



HEPA air filters are popular because they remove the majority of polluting particles and irritating particles from the air. HEPA filters should be changed every month. HEPA filters can’t trap microorganisms less than 0.2 microns such as bacteria, viruses, germs, and viruses.


3. Air purifiers with activated carbon

Activated carbon purifiers can remove smoke, odors, and gases from your home’s air. People who are sensitive or allergic to natural gas and smoke should consider using an activated carbon purifier. HEPA filters are included in most activated carbon air purifiers. These filters remove particles from the air. Prices for activated carbon air purifiers start at $100.


An activated carbon purifier is the best type of purifier to remove odors and stench from your home. But, they are less effective in removing pollen and other contaminants from the air, unless there is a HEPA filter.


4. Ionic Air Purifiers

Ionic purifiers work silently and without the need for a motor. They release negative ions into the atmosphere, which bond with positively charged airborne particles such as dust. These particles become so heavy that they eventually disappear from the air. Some ionic purifiers include electrostatic precipitators, which trap positively charged particles inside the purifier. Prices for ionic purifiers vary depending on their size and model.


Although most ionic purifiers can be found in separate, large devices that must be installed throughout your home, one type of ionic purifier is making waves in the air treatment industry. Nu-Calgon’s new iWave R is an excellent air purifier. It is the first self-cleaning ionic purifier. The iWave R air purifier can be attached directly to your HVAC system, so your entire air supply is clean. The iWave R can be installed in your home to provide all the benefits of ionic purification, without any of the disadvantages.



Ionic air purifiers can eliminate almost any odor from the air. This includes allergens, dust, dander and smoke. Some models need to be cleaned frequently to preserve functionality and remove all air pollutants. However, the new iWave R can clean itself.


5. Electronic air cleaners

An electronic air cleaner works in conjunction with your furnace and air conditioner to trap airborne particles using static electricity.


HEPA filters and positively charged electrons are used to remove allergens from your air. HEPA filters are used in combination with your cooling and heating systems to purify the air throughout your home. An electronic air cleaner makes sure that all air passing through your HVAC systems passes through an HEPA filter. This filter can trap particles as small and as small as.3 microns. The electronic air cleaner then emits positively charged ions that zap any remaining contaminants.


An electronic air cleaner is a great choice if you need to get rid of dust, dander and allergens, as well as smoke, viruses, bacteria, and fumes from your house. Although they do require professional installation, they can remove 99.98% of allergens from your home.


It is important to note that professional installations are not required. The filters of the cleaner must also be changed and the collector cells or ionizing wires must be cleaned after each month. The cleaning of the cells is easy as they can be washed in the sink, in a tub, or with a garden hose.


6. Central Air Cleaners

Your central heating and cooling systems can be connected to central air cleaners, which purify your home’s air. The silent central air cleaners are installed in the ductwork to clean your home of up to 99 percent of allergens, 98% of dust, and 94% of viruses. The impact of allergies, asthma, and viruses on your health can be greatly reduced by central air cleaners. By filtering particles that could otherwise cause damage to the heater or A/C, they can extend the life expectancy of the heater.


Although central air cleaners must be professionally installed, they are very efficient. The top-tier models have a 98% efficiency when it comes to removing particles smaller than 1 micron. A central air cleaner can remove everything, from smoke to pet hair.

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