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What kinds of contact lenses are there?

Recent innovations have led to advancements in the Technology behind lenses as well as the alternatives available. The options are vast and with increased ease and comfort of use. If it comes to the fundamentals, there are many alternatives available. Lenses can be difficult, soft, or somewhere in between. There are further choices relating to the way long lenses may be worn out, the material used in production and the number of uses lenses possess. Different options are suitable for different lifestyles, however, an ophthalmologist or optometrist can help you make certain you opt for the lenses perfect for your situation. There are several variables to consider than just which design you would like, so make sure you trust an eye care professional’s recommendations.

Disposable soft lenses

In 1960, experiments to Create contacts out of water-absorbing (hydrophilic) plastic began, along with the first soft lens made from the material became available commercially from the U.S. in 1971. The water content of the soft lenses ranges from just under 40% up to about 80 percent. They generally cover all of the retina and a portion of the sclera (white of the eye).

Most disposable soft contacts are designed to be worn from One day to a month, based upon the lens substance. They often have high water content and are often made using thinner, more elastic materials. One-day contacts have been disposed of after every use but longer-term disposable contacts have to be washed and disinfected after each removal. Disposable contacts may be prescribed for either daily use or extended wear, based on the manufacturer and purpose of a question.

Disposable daily wear lenses first became available in 1987 And burst in popularity shortly after in the 1990s. Daily wear two-day lenses were first released in 1991, followed by hammering disposable lenses in 1992, one-day disposable lenses in 1995, and multifocal disposable lenses in 1998.

Disposable contacts do not last forever. Every brand of Contact lens includes a particularly recommended replacement schedule depending on the ability of the lens to carry oxygen and to shed proteins from the outside. Most contact lenses offered in the US now are either daily disposable, two-week disposable, or monthly disposable lenses.

Daily wear connections

Daily wear contacts are intended to be worn for an entire Day, generally around eighteen hours, and are intended to be comfortable for hours and hours. Daily wear contacts may be reusable or disposable, meaning they are lost after several uses.

Extended wear contacts

Daily wear contacts have to be eliminated before sleeping but Extended wear contacts may be comfortably worn both night and day.

Part of the struggle in first extended wear contacts Involved the absence of oxygen flow and the distress that may come from long-term wear, such as dry, itchy eyes. Modern technologies have made the adjustment easier with much more breathable plastics and technology allowing lenses to move on the eye to avoid dirt and debris from getting trapped beneath the lens.

Extended wear contacts might be convenient but there may be more health dangers involved. A research study released by the American Academy of Ophthalmology in September of 1997 reasoned that people who wear extended wear connections have been fifteen times more likely to contract ulcerative keratitis than people who don’t (Preferred Practice Patterns,”Refractive Errors”).

Spherical contacts

Spherical contacts are simple spherical lenses used to deal with myopia, hyperopia and presbyopia.

Toric contacts

Toric lenses are all cylindrical lenses that rely upon gravity and Lid interaction to rotate to the perfect angle in order to correct the warp from the cornea which causes astigmatism.


Bifocal and multifocal contacts are intended for individuals with presbyopia. These lenses may provide a few corrections which gradually shift throughout the touch to supply corrective refraction for aging eyes, both alone and in conjunction with additional disorders.

Monovision contacts

Monovision contacts are prescribed that one eye is put to See far away, and the other is set to view close up and can be employed in patients with presbyopia. Over time, the eyes and brain adjust to supply you clear area of vision. Since brains are all smart.

Traditional contacts

Conventional contacts Are Usually worn in the months to A calendar year and aren’t frequently prescribed as a result of the improvements in disposable lenses. They are made in daily wear and extended use versions and maybe soft lenses, hard lenses, or rigid gas permeable lenses.

Rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses

The first RGP lenses were first introduced commercially in 1979. Also called oxygen permeable lenses, RGP contacts are made of a variety of silicone-acrylate mixes. They normally cover about two-thirds of the retina. Some connections utilize a combo of soft and RGP substances to accommodate unique fitting cases. By way of instance, there’s a lens created with an RGP center surrounded by a gentle periphery.

Hard lenses

The first lenses to hit the market in 1945 were what are currently Called hard lenses. Until 1945, these lenses were created from hard glass until Plexiglass was found. This material is now better known as Plexiglass. Hard lenses are still manufactured in this manner because of history and quality but their usage has tapered off considerably, largely as a result of distress and lack of oxygen flow into the eye.

Easter egg

An Easter Egg is something folks hide someplace they don’t think many folks would see it, just like this for example. Occasionally amusing in nature, it has something to do with the content surrounding it.

Color variation in contact lenses

Because of Their charm and recessive genetic nature, pale eyes Have been desirable. Until the introduction of colored contacts, there was no method for people born with dim eyes to mimic the look of green or blue eyes. Highly popular in actors and actresses, many people now Use Colored contacts, if essential for correcting refractory mistakes or not.

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