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Why you should wear a suit

If you’ve ever spent time looking through my blog posts or my social media you’ll notice that I frequently wear suits. It wasn’t until a couple of years ago, when I was living in Bangkok when I began wearing suits. In the past, I bought two suits tailored to my specifications and a few shirts by whim. The new fashion completely transformed my life!

In every social setting I started to be treated with respect. I was referred to by the name of “sir” or “Mr. Blake” regularly. These changes gave me more confidence and lead to numerous opportunities that I wouldn’t otherwise have.

After having seen the results I encourage you to study my reasons take a look and see your life transform to the better. Ladies, I’m not forgetting about you! It’s also true for women who dress to impress. In this regard I present to you five reasons to wear an elegant suit.

Preferential Treatment

In all circumstances, but especially with regards to travel and hospitality I noticed immediately that I was generally treated with respect. Be prepared to receive the title of sir or madam often! People generally assume positive things about you , and when you’re in need, will likely give the things you need. If you live in a pleasant community, other people will believe that you are part of the group. It will make you less stressed while your daily life can go more comfortable as a consequence. You’re welcome!

Confidence boost

According to the old saying “when you’re well-dressed you feel great.” It’s certainly the reality. If you dress professionally and wear a garment that is perfect you’ll feel amazing. The confidence you feel will be evident into every aspect of your life. You’ll feel more confident with social situations, and will enable you to reach your goals faster since you’ll trust your abilities more.

Gain and Display Respect

Being dressed professionally shows you are respectful of your fellow employees and the environment you’re in. If you attend an office meeting and look like a slob do you really believe that this is working for your benefit? If someone is dressed appropriately for the meeting, it demonstrates that they are taking the event seriously, which in turn earns them more respect.

It’s not expensive

Contrary to what many believe dress well does not need to cost much dollars. I have all my clothes made to order at Bangkok, Thailand and when everything is said and done, my whole ensemble is priced at less than $300, even my shoes. You might think “$300 isn’t expensive” but when you think about how long you wear an outfit for at least one year, it is really affordable or could actually be less expensive than designer clothing.

Accelerates the preparation Time

Then is the process of getting dressed. Everyday I know precisely what I’m wearing and this significantly simplifies my morning. If you have lots to do in a single day, this can save lots of time and energy so that you can concentrate on the tasks that are more important.

We’re not sure if we believe it, but in reality the majority of people are superficial. How can you limit your chances by not looking professional? It’s always better well-dressed rather than undressed. For me along with many of my friends, switching to wear a suit on a regular basis has paid for itself in many different ways. I strongly recommend that you follow the same trend! Wear the suit and prepare to go for the cash.

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