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The Best Electric Bikes:

E-bike classes: Pedal Assist or Throttle

Class 1: Pedal Assist / Pedelec

The pedal assist, or pedelec, is the most popular type of electric bicycle. A pedelec is an electric bike that allows the rider to pedal the bike as normal, while the motor assists by increasing the power transferred to the rear wheels. It takes less effort to pedal than normal, even in higher gears. This allows for faster speeds and easier climbing up steep hills. Although settings can be adjusted to provide the level of assistance desired, it is not possible for the system to provide more than 25 km per hour (kph), or approximately 15 miles per hour. This class can only travel at approximately 32 kph (20 mph) in the USA. These bikes can be used on all roads and paths that normal bikes can use. They do not need additional licensing.


Throttle is class 2

A throttle-operated e-bike works in the same way as a scooter or motorcycle. It propels the bike forward with no pedaling. The throttle can be pushed a certain distance, so the power output of most e-bikes will vary. They are less common than pedal assist counterparts because many countries have laws prohibiting them. An e-bike must only be powered while the pedals are moving forward in accordance with the European Union. Therefore throttle e-bikes are more common in the United States than in China, where there is little regulation to restrict their use. Common


Speed Pedelec: Class 3

A speed pedelec’s design is the same as a regular pedelec, but they have a faster top speed of 45 km/h (or approximately 28 mph). This class of e-bike is required to have a license in many areas.


Mid-Drive vs. Hub Motors

An electric motor is the heart of an e-bike. It can be found in either the middle of the frame or at one of its hubs. The drive unit’s location will determine how the bike works and its capabilities.


Front Hub Motor

The front hub motor, which is the simplest design of e-bikes, has the lowest capabilities. Because it is difficult to provide assistance based upon rider input, front hub motors can only be used with throttle systems. There are exceptions, such as the Brompton folding electric bike that uses a front hub motor with pedal assist. Because most of the bicycle’s weight is on the rear wheel, they can have issues with traction. The front wheel is the most difficult place to turn and accelerate, making it more challenging to corner. These limitations make the front hub motor the most common ebike system. They can be easily added to any bike with inexpensive conversion kits.


Rear Hub Motor

Rear hub motors can be used to power both the throttle and pedelec. Many systems allow for both, with just a flip of a switch. These motors can be retrofitted to non-folding bike frames, making them the most popular choice for electric conversions. These are easy to make and look very similar to a traditional bicycle hub. They can cause uneven weight distributions, which can impact handling. The most common rear hub motors are the BionX, Stromer, and Xion motors.


Mid-Drive Motor

Mid-drive e-bike systems place the motor in the middle of the frame and connect it with the bottom bracket, cranks, and other components. A bike equipped with a mid-drive system is a pedelec because the motor can be activated by pedaling. Mid-drive is the preferred choice for pedal-assist bikes because it offers many advantages over a hub motor. The centrally-located mid-drive distributes the bike’s weight evenly and delivers more torque than similar powered hub motors. Because the motor drives the crank arms, not the wheel, it can better take advantage of the variety of gears on the bike. An integrated torque sensor is also possible to monitor the rider’s input. This sensor can adjust the amount of assistance automatically to match the intensity of the rider’s pedaling, creating a more fluid and smoother experience. The most popular mid-drive systems are Bosch, Shimano Steps, and Shimano Steps.



A rechargeable battery is required for every electric bike. Modern e-bike batteries consist of lithium-ion, which is usually made up of multiple battery cells that are connected inside a larger container. These batteries are becoming lighter, smaller, and more powerful as technology advances. They are heavy and can cause problems for electric bikes. A battery should be light enough to allow for a long-range and can go a considerable distance on one charge. Here are the most popular battery configurations that you’ll find today.


Rack Mount Battery

A rack can be attached to the back of the bike to mount an e-bike battery. The racks can be used as traditional cargo carriers and double as storage. This design places the battery above the rear wheel, which can make it difficult to move the bike. This can impact handling and make it more difficult to move the bike by hand. It is an adaptable mounting system that can be used to mount any type of battery.


Down Tube Battery

The most common location to mount a battery on production e-bikes is the down tube. This is the tube that runs from the front of a bike to the crank area. The battery is placed here to reduce the bike’s weight and make wiring simpler with a mid-drive system. This is because the motor is directly behind the battery. They can be attached to a round or oval-shaped tube, or integrated into an oversized tube.

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