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7 Pros and Cons of Drones and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

UAVs, also known as unmanned aircraft vehicles (UAVs) also known as drones, are planes that can be remotely controlled by a pilot or via preprogrammed plans or automation systems that allow drones to fly on their own. A wide range of companies and industries are embracing this technology, which includes commercial, military, government and leisure users.

With the advancement of drone technology and drones become more affordable and commonplace which is triggering discussions that weigh their advantages against new legal and ethical issues. Therefore, the choices made from discussions of the advantages and disadvantages regarding drones as well as UAVs will significantly impact the public and private sectors.

Pros of Drones

In order to properly evaluate the advantages and disadvantages for drones, and also their usage is to consider each side of the argument with regard to their advantages. For instance, a myriad of reasons are available to justify the drone’s use.

Quality Aerial Imaging

Drones are ideal for taking high-quality aerial photos and videos, and also for collecting large amounts of image data. High-resolution images can be used to make 3D maps as well as interactive 3D models that have numerous advantages. For instance 3D mapping of disaster zones can allow emergency teams to become more prepared prior to entering dangerous situations.


Unmanned aerial vehicles are equipped with GPS (the Global Positioning System) They can be controlled and maneuvered in precise places. This is particularly useful in many different situations. For precision agriculture, for instance, UAVs are used for many farming-related needs for example, spraying insecticides and fertilizers and identifying weeds that are infested and monitoring the health of crops. The accuracy of UAVs helps farmers save time and money.

Easily Deployable

With the advancements in technology for controlling drones are now able to be operated and deployed with a minimum of prior experience. In addition to the affordable cost of many drones, drones are becoming available to a variety of users. UAVs also offer a wider flexibility of movement than human aircraft. They can fly at lower speeds and in more directions, which allows them to navigate through difficult to access areas.


Another benefit of drones is the security aspect. With the right licence, drone operators are able to use drones that are not piloted to offer security and surveillance to private businesses sports celebrations, events for public and other events. Drones are also able to collect valuable information during and following natural disasters, which can aid in the recovery and security efforts.

Cons of Drones

While there are numerous advantages to drones, they are some perceived issues with their use. These issues are crucial to think about, especially in light of the variety of situations that drones are utilized.

Legislative Uncertainty

Because the extensive use of unmanned aerial vehicles is still relatively new, the law is in the process of catching up. In the United States, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has set up guidelines regarding small and unmanned planes that are applicable to commercial and recreational purposes, but there are still some ambiguities. The most posed questions are how to establish airspace property rights and safeguard the landowners from the encroachment of aerial aircraft. To add chaos are the conflicts between federal regulations and local and state laws.


Safety is the primary issue when it comes to UAVs that are not piloted. To avoid collisions in mid-air, UAVs must be programmed with “sense and avoid” capabilities which are comparable to those of aircrafts that are manned. This means that drones need to be able to recognize the possibility of collisions and then maneuver to avoid danger. If system malfunctions drones that fall pose a risk, especially if they are in close proximity to large numbers of people or in heavily densely populated zones.


One of the biggest issues raised by the public with regards to UAVs concerns privacy. Drones may collect information and pictures without being noticed and causing many Americans to worry that they’re Fourth Amendment right to privacy could be at risk. This is the case in the event that government entities make use of drones to spy on the public. The way is the Fourth Amendment is interpreted, and the work of privacy rights organizations , such like ACLU, for example American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) continue to influence the way this privacy issue is dealt with.

Applications of Drones

Drones are engineered to be light and inconspicuous. Many industries utilize them to accomplish complicated tasks. In many cases they could be very difficult or expensive to accomplish without the help from drone technology. The outcomes of these numerous applications are equally varied and range from increased creativity to a greater community and commercial outreach.

Filming Movies

A filmmaker who is not professional can capture stunning aerial footage using drones that are equipped with high-definition camera. In the past, less than two decades the recording method from this angle was only an option for big movie studios which could afford cranes, helicopters, or aircrafts. Because one day of a helicopter shoot could cost hundreds of thousands, the choice to purchase a basic drone to film for just a couple of thousand dollars is far more appealing to modern filmmakers — even though renting high-end professional drones can cost upwards of $5,000 for just a day’s usage.

Alongside their expenses being less expensive drones also have a lot of value because of their incredible versatility. Drones tend to be small , which is why they’re ideal for shooting an action scene that requires accessing a tight area or moving swiftly. However, they’re not a full substitute for traditional aircraft within the movie industry. Although drones’ size typically lets users record footage which aren’t possible with the manned aircraft Some filmmakers believe that helicopters still are the best option for filming action scenes that require high speeds like car chases.

Protecting Animals

The threat of poaching has ravaged populations of endangered wildlife across the world. Conservationist groups have worked for years to safeguard these animals by moving them to protected areas such as wildlife sanctuaries, national parks and animal sanctuary. But, many poachers are still allowed to enter into these parks in order to kill animals. Therefore, conservationists must come up with new methods to secure the parks and stop those with malicious motives from getting into.

Recently the conservationists community has learned how to use drones to protect wildlife. With a drone that has thermal or night vision sensors conservationists can monitor the parks to stop poachers. One example is in Liwonde National Park in Liwonde, Malawi. The park employs anti-poaching drones to identify illegal traps and monitor the activity in this park and aid police officers locate and apprehend poachers.

Protecting Animals

Poaching is destroying populations of endangered wildlife across the world. Conservationist groups have worked for years to safeguard these animals by moving them into protected areas like national parks and animal sanctuaries. However, poachers continue to trespass into these parks to kill animals. Conservationists need to come up with innovative ways to protect these areas and deter those with malicious motives from infiltrating.

Recently conservationists have realized the use of drones to protect wildlife. With a drone that has optical night-vision or thermo sensors conservationists are able to patrol parks to discourage poachers. One example is in Liwonde National Park located in Liwonde, Malawi. The park employs anti-poaching drones to identify illegal traps and monitor the activity in this park and assist law enforcement officials locate and detain poachers.

Delivering Packages

The next generation of drone technology is also going to provide consumers with a practical option of receiving their delivery via drone. Amazon is in the forefront in making this a reality. The company’s new Amazon Prime Air service is scheduled to allow customers to have drone deliveries for packages that weigh up to 5 pounds. What will this process look like?

  1. The customer buys an item.
  2. The drone delivers to an address or the phone’s GPS.
  3. After the arrival of the drone, the user utilizes their smartphone to send the QR code, barcode or LED light signal at the drone. This validates their identity as the legitimate customer.
  4. The product is then lowered from a safe elevation with a pulley mechanism and released to the customer.

The application of drone technology could improve delivery efficiency soon, even though the drone delivery industry is not yet widespread enough to are in operation at their full capacity currently due to regulations from the government and safety concerns for the public. Companies who want to offer drone delivery services must to focus on establishing and implementing ethical and safe systems that don’t put at risk their customers or the public at large.

Measuring Weather

For accurate forecasts of weather meteorologists have to analyze the weather data using a wide range of sensors typically attached to satellites or to surface equipment. These instruments gather data that can then be used to forecast common weather patterns like rain, or even severe storms such as tornadoes. Scientists are currently working to integrate unmanned aircrafts into the process making use of drones to collect data for research.

The risk of flying through a storm could be risky, however drones can be used to take temperatures as well as humidity, pressure and wind speed measurements, without risking the lives of people. The data collected could be utilized to offer advanced warnings of storms and give people time to prepare or get out of the area. As drones become more durable, experts in the field anticipate that they will be a regular part of forecasting and measurement of weather.

While unmanned aerial vehicles exist for decades in the last 20 years , technology has witnessed significant improvements. Drones were a time when they were mostly used for military purposes, however modern technology has made them available and affordable to the average person.

With the Master in Science of Electrical Engineering professional will gain a deeper knowledge of the basic principles of electronic engineering. By doing this they will enhance their abilities to be a positive influence on the design process for complex electronic devices like drones.

The Future of Drones

The interest in commercial drone technology exploded in the year 2010 and is showing no sign of slowing down. All indications suggest a bright and thrilling future for drones, drone technology and drones. Future drone generations are expected to have greater autonomy as well as enhanced safety and standards for regulation. These , and other advancements, are likely to influence a range of industries, including commercial transportation logistics, logistics, and even the military.

Emergency Response

The advancement of camera technology goes with improved drone technology. As the quality of the images created by drone cameras keeps improving emergency response teams are able to frequently rely on them in order to find and locate victims more effectively. This could result in improved survival rates. Furthermore, drones can be used more frequently to assess the aftermath of natural disasters that could help emergency teams to provide assistance and relief to regions that are most at risk.

Health Care

At present, drone-based delivery corresponds with commercial items such as the Amazon package. However, this delivery feature could be a significant factor in the field of health care particularly in rural regions in which access to health care services is not always easy. In this scenario drones could be utilized to provide time-sensitive information like refills for prescriptions. This can result in faster medical care which could eventually improve the individual’s health.


UAVs can cover huge areas quickly and are equipped with equipment that can create 3D images. This dual function are beneficial for construction workers, who could utilize the data they have collected to build models at construction phase and track the progress of construction. These factors can result in the construction of stronger and safer structures. It could also aid the construction team to achieve the crucial measures of being on time and within budget.

Explore the Future of Electrical Engineering

As drone technology advances and its applications expand. Anyone who wants to devise crucial strategies to seamless integration of drones in both the private and public sectors are advised to look into advanced education.

Students who complete Ohio University’s web-based Master of Science in Electrical Engineering program will be prepared to conduct research and develop, design and test the latest techniques and applications in industry.

Find out how this course offered by Ohio University can help position you as a pioneer in the rapidly growing area of drone as well as UAV technology.

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