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Understanding Weave Hair And Everything About It

Everything you must be aware of regarding weaving Hair or Hair weave. Find out the in-depth details consider a weave you’ve been thought of buying for quite a while.

Since the beginning of time hair weaves have given beautiful, long locks to women across the globe, creating beautiful hair that is stunning and ultra-glam. When done right weaves create a stunning and feminine look due to the many hair textures and styles that are offered. They definitely add a fresh dimension to your outfit.

The first time weaves were used was by women working in show business and in the fashion world, however, they are now an essential fashion item for women of all walks of life. The right weave from the beginning is crucial to achieve the look you want.

Let’s discuss ways to pick and keep weaving from extensions designs, textures, and patterns.

What is a Weave?

A weave is a synthetic or natural hair extensions that are secured to human hair with sewing. It’s among the most expensive ways to get gorgeous long locks that an average woman could wear. Weaves have been gaining popularity with black women in recent years. Once installed, weaves can last for up to 3-4 months.

The origins of weaves go from the Egyptian time period, when the people colored sheep’s wool or human hair and glued hair on top of their heads using beeswax or resin. Cleopatra was well-known in the ancient world for her blue peacock weaves in her hair.

Types of Weave Hair

Before we get into the intricacies of weave hair we need to know the various types of extensions on the market today.

Synthetic Hair

They are precisely what they’re referred to as. They synthetic hair strands are composed of man-made fibers, such as acrylic or nylon. The fibers go through many chemical processes that create them to feel and look similar to human hair.

They are able to produce texture as well as color and styling capabilities that are similar to human hair. Synthetic hair isn’t able to handle extreme heat when styling. It is easy to tell the differences between synthetic and natural human hair with a touching.

Human Hair

The hair is real human hair, sourced from one donor. The appearance and feel are identical to natural hair, as is the maintenance and maintenance. Human hair is premium quality, and thus more expensive.

Virgin Human Hair

Human hair that is virgin and natural is free of any chemical treatment in any way. The hair comes from one donor whose hair was not treated with chemicals for coloring or styling purposes. Human hair that is natural and virgin is easy to cut and style. Regular maintenance can ensure the longevity of hair.

Remy Hair

Virgin Remy hair is hair whose cuticles remain intact and move all in that same direction. This results in less shedding and less tangling. They come from a variety of sources. If properly maintained, they could last longer than one year.

Different Textures Of Weave Hair

Based on the hair’s texture, one could choose various textures for hair weaves for choosing extensions. Selecting the appropriate texture for your hair extensions is crucial as it will give you a smooth and blended appearance.

Straight Hair Weave

If you are naturally straight hair, you might prefer straight hair weave. This hair style has the highest sheen and is extremely strong and resistant to damage. It’s practically maintenance-free and has a super smooth look. The weave blends perfectly with the natural hair.

Wavy Hair Weave

It’s neither too straight or too curly. It has a more dense texture in comparison to straight hair, and is shaped like an “S” – it’s curlier but not as curly as hair that is coiled. The texture adds volume as well as body and fullness. It can also give bounce to the hairstyle.

Curly Hair Weave

Curly hair weaves are made using two methods one is chemically, in which hair is permed using different chemicals to form the curl. The second method is where the hair is steam-steamed and fixed with the help of a hot iron to form the curls. Hair with curly hair types require additional care since they can be prone to frizz and could become dry, causing damaged cuticles.

Kinky Hair Weave

Kinky hair, also called Afro-textured or coily hair, is very dry and spongy texture. It is soft , fine, or coarse and hard. The hair is twisted into very tightly-knit, small curls that hair that zig-zags from the scalp and are susceptible to significant shrinkage. This kind of kinky hair weave is prone to tangling since it’s usually fragile due to its high density. The hair is softer when wet since it has less cuticle layers than other types of hair.

Why Choose Machine Wefted Hair for a Sew-in Weave?

  • A weave is a fantastic method to lengthen your hair. In addition, they offer your hair an opportunity to relax and grow. They add volume and volume the hair!
  • Sew-ins save you the hassle of having to put on and off extensions repeatedly and provides an option that is more durable. Sewing can be a bit long one, but it provides a perfect end.
  • The weaving method is regarded to be the most effective and safest method to use for your hair because there isn’t any heat placed on your hair to set it and no glue is employed. Hair is simply sewn into your hair with cornrows, using an angled needle and thread for sewing.
  • The weaves are able to last for up to two months with regular treatment and maintenance.

How To Identify Good Hair Weave

A quality great hair weave is defined by the type of hair used to make the weave. Hair that is virgin hair will be the most ideal. The hair isn’t treated with bleach, dye or treated and therefore can be put in whenever you like and can also be dyed if you wish.

The hair of virgins can be curled, straightened or blown dry flat ironed with no damage to the hair’s structure in any manner. Hair of high-quality comes from India. In this country, women do not color their hair , or employ chemicals, hair is extremely strong.

If used for hair extensions, hair extensions can be customized in a variety of ways according to the preferences of the customers. Hair stylists across the world prefer working with hair that is virgin due to its durability. You can also assess the quality of hair using a series tests. Check them out below.

Visual Test

This is accomplished by taking an strand of hair from the bundle which is big enough to be able to observe the color of hair. Hold the tip in a position near the base. If the tips do not appear lighter than the base it means that the hair has been processed and isn’t natural hair.

The Taper

Hair extensions of lower quality are not able to create smaller strands, leading to products with extremely tapered ends, which can results in an uneven length in hair extensions.

How The Hair Feels

In the case of natural, virgin weave hair will feel similar to hair that you have, splitting ends, and dryness (if not washed). If the weave is processed chemically it will feel silky smooth texture, similar to your hair immediately after a rich conditioner has been applied.

This smoothness is a result of a silicone layer that is sprayed onto the hair following processing. The process of chemical production for production in mass quantities of low-quality weave hair strips hair’s cuticles, and effectively dry out hair. The dryness is concealed by the silicone which gives the hair with a soft, silky texture.

After a few washes , the silicon in the hair’s weave is removed and the dryness that results will result in the hair matting and tangling. If you are choosing the best natural virgin weave hair , make sure that you don’t get the silky smooth feel.


It’s a very sensitive test of feeling, and it takes practice to discern the distinction. To do this, you’ll have to choose a strand 2 from the bundle. you will run your fingers down and up until you reach the end. You will then grasp it with one hand, and then move the other hand upwards to the other side.

If you experience resistance as you move up the strand, it is experiencing the cuticle. If it is identical across both sides, it’s cuticles don’t exist. So it’s not hair that is virgin.

Fire Test

Take an strand or two from the bundle, and then ignite them. When it is burned, it will become charred or glow and then molten. It will smell like burned plastic. This is the case that hair is synthetic. If it is virgin hair, upon the point of burning, you’ll have blow it out and it will smell and smell similar to sulfur.

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