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1. Live Courageously:

Fear is a natural and essential part of development. Choose to Embrace uncertainty by depriving what you lose when you give in to your fears.

2. Articulate Your Happiness:

Write down your top five happiness goals. Be specific. For Example, if you would like to be more current and supportive of your relationships, then list out every action step to get there.

3. Alter Your Mindset:

Whenever you encounter an Issue, make a record of this Positive means by which you can perceive. Focus on those good thoughts and see your joy increase.

4. Practice Deliberately:

Tonight, listing your three biggest flaws. Select the one Holding you back the most and earn a strategy to improve a little every day. Change doesn’t happen overnight; be patient but persistent.

5. Reflect:

This week, make time to hike a new trail or visit a nature preserve. Leave technology at home and revel in the chance to reflect in your own life free of distractions.

6. Find Your Strengths:

Assess your best successes. Describe what you did accomplish Those goals and the way it was different in the times you failed. Commit to implementing that ability every day.

7. Choose Wisely:

Struggling with making sound decisions? Gather as many details As you can, and encircle with reputable peers prior to producing your next big choice.

8. Impact Others:

Currency Is an Excellent instrument to ensure a lifetime of opportunities, but It can’t provide happiness. Concentrate your efforts on impacting the lives of those around you to make happiness in your life and theirs.

9. New You:

As you plan your own New Year’s resolutions, list three levels Of your goal: B, A and C. Dream big on A, but stay realistic with B and C. Don’t forget to celebrate your landmarks, however small.

10. Be Accountable:

Write down each penny you spend to determine poor habits. Concentrate on reducing or removing one type. Store those economies for unexpected hardships.

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