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Pick the Right Blanket for Your Weight:

Features Of Weighted Blankets

As previously mentioned when you are looking for a weighted adult blanket, you may want to consider the material of the blanket since it will help you pick the ideal blanket.



The blankets that are weighted are usually made of steel, glass, or plastic beads, or poly pellets to give weight to the blanket. The majority of them are made of beads due to the fact that they are quiet and won’t disturb your sleep.



They differ from your duvet, comforter, or normal blanket in that they have additional layers like the padding and fabric in cushioning beads within. Some of the padding materials utilized are chenille, cotton, and polyester or fleece, to mention some. You can also locate one that is waterproof or water-resistant or has the ability to wick moisture away.



Another advantage of blankets with weights (not the majority) is that they come with an outer cover that you can remove and wash as required. The covers are made of synthetic or natural fibers such as cotton or wool. Blankets with weights constructed from cotton or wool are breathable and aid in a sleeping cooler.


Benefits of blankets with weights for Adults

It’s understandable that you’re likely to be sceptical when you think about buying an oversized blanket that is weighted for children or adults since there’s an ongoing debate as to its effects of it, however, there are some advantages that come with this type of blanket.


Better Sleep

Being tired, or being unable to rest well every day isn’t likely to be beneficial for your body or mind. body, for that matter. A blanket with weights offers you intense pressure stimulation that has been proven to be calming on the mind and body. Pressure stimulation can assist to produce serotonin, the “feel great” hormone, serotonin which is responsible for the beginning of sleep.


Reduces anxiety

Anxiety affects millions around the world regardless of age or gender. However, identifying the triggers and completing relaxing tasks can help overcome anxiety. Also, it is believed that a blanket with weight could help as well. It is due to the intense contact pressure that a blanket with weights offers is similar to being wrapped in the hug of a child.


A tool to assist ADHD patients

If you have a child or an adult who suffers from attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD The most frequent sign you’ll see is the tendency to fidget, however, it can differ from one individual to another. Because of the intense pressure stimulation provided by blankets with weights those suffering from ADHD are more calm and relaxed and can fall asleep quicker.


Reduces the symptoms of restless leg syndrome.

Adults who suffer from restless leg syndrome typically complain of a tingling or crawling sensation that they feel in their legs. This tends to occur more frequently when they’re asleep. This could lead to sleepiness since you frequently switch positions in the night to get a comfortable place to sleep in. Many people suffering from RLS utilize compression socks but they could be restrictive. In lieu, the blanket that is weighted can assist in relieving some of the signs and symptoms associated with RLS because of the pressure it puts on.

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