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Christmas Candles: Meaning and Symbolism

It is common to light a candle while praying. Many people are unaware of the significance of candles and their association with contemplative moments and religious rites. This is a short explanation of the significance of candles and their role as Christmas decorations.

Christmas Decoration – The Role of the Candles

Christmas trees used to be decorated with candles and balls in the past without electricity. It is only three-hundred year old that the pine has been used as a Christmas symbol. The idea that lights can enlighten the way to salvation (or nirvana or baqa’, paradise or samadhi in other religions’ terminology) dates back to centuries prior to Jesus. It is the spiritual light that emerges out of the darkness.

The candle’s wax is a representation the human body. It comes in many sizes, shapes, colors and styles. In all religions, fire is associated with the spirit or vital principle that animates the bodies.

According to ancient traditions, when people are tired of the pain of their physical existence, they dedicate their lives to the release from the rebirth cycle. They accepted a return to the original condition of their lives (immortal and perfect, joyful), and then a light within them was lit.

According to ancient wisdom, the spirit is eternal so one shouldn’t be afraid of death. Every person will experience death. Only suffering can be caused by a willingness to protect the body against the inevitable end.

The symbol of spiritual enlightenment is the candle, which destroys bodily instincts. The bodily pleasures and needs of the body are irrelevant when one lives in the spirit. They are temporal, temporary, and finite. Fire, however, is eternal.

Christmas Trees and Candles

Many religions prior to Christianity believed in reincarnation. Each candle that was placed on the pine represented a different spirit-animated body.

The human ideal is the ultimate goal of the reincarnation loop, which is represented by the conical shape the pine has. This is often represented by a star at the tree’s top. After many lives, men can finally achieve immortality by becoming virtuous.

The pine tree was made a Christian symbol in the late 19th century and associated with Christmas. Although the symbolism of the candle was lost (Christianity removed the word “reincarnation” from the Bible in Council of Constantinople), candles were still an important part of Christmas decorations.

Christmas Table Candles

People buy beautiful candles for Christmas, but they don’t light them enough to preserve them. As with all things in this world, they will eventually burn out.

Allowing beautiful candles to burn by the flame is a wonderful way to remind yourself that the body is vulnerable to destruction. Only when the fire of spiritual enlightenment causes extinction, does the purpose reach its full potential.

It can be a wonderful Christmas tradition to light candles and take a moment to reflect on your life. It’s a great time to count your blessings and reflect on the Christmas joys.

Unique Gifts For Every Candle Lovers in Your Life

Everyone knows someone who is a candle expert. It’s not surprising that these people choose scented candles or other items that they enjoy.

Candles are also great gifts for any occasion, including a holiday, housewarming or just a simple pick me up. There are many options. You can choose from a candle subscription box or something from a luxury brand.

A fun gift idea for scent-lovers? A candle gift set will lighten up the lives of true scent lovers. It includes their favorite flame as well as a range of gifts that can be used with candles. These include wick trimmers and snuffers, high tech lighters, fancy matches, fancy matches, and statement-making tops. You can also add other items to help you relax to the gift. You can think of a nice bottle of wine, a new book or a relaxing bubble bath.

Here are the top-rated and most unusual gifts for candle lovers. It doesn’t matter what you pick, it will be a match made to heaven.

Subscription to a Monthly Candle

Vellabox, a monthly subscription service, delivers high-quality, hand-crafted candles right to the doorstep of your loved one. It also includes a surprise gift like a chocolate bar or a bath soak. This will ensure that they are well-stocked throughout the year. You can upgrade to larger 8-ounce boxes for an additional $13 per month. candles.)

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