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Different types of Walkie Stackers:

There are many types of walkie-stackers, each one suited for different purposes. Here is a brief explanation of each type.


Each type of walkie-stacker has a unique way to distribute the load. This can be done with front legs, straddle or counter-balance legs.


1. Walkie Straddle Stacker

The most popular type of walkie straddle stacker is the walkie straddle. Straddle legs are used to distribute load weight. They can straddle a pallet with their legs so that the stacker can get up close to it without taking as much space.


These are used most often for low- to mid-level selective rack applications, such as small warehouses and customer zone racking areas. When floor stacking is used, the straddle legs allow for closer pallet stacking. Racking should be designed to allow the straddled leg to move between or under the supports of the racking bottom beam. The lifting heights range from 2,642 mm to 4,826 mm.


2. Walkie Reach Stacker

Walkie-Stacker-Reach-MastWalkie reach stackers are the next most common model in Australia. They are very similar in design to the Straddle Stacker but they are fitted with a pantographic scissor mast. The mast can move loads forward from the body of the stacker.


They are used most often in loading trailers, trucks, and utility vehicles. They can also be used in general mid-level rack applications, similar to straddle stackers. The lifting height starts at 2,565mm and can go up to 4,547mm.


3. Ride on Walkie Stacker

The ride-on walkie-stackers are similar to regular walkie-stackers, but they have a platform (or Bob), and special controls that allow the operator to ride on the walkie. Ride on walkie-stackers have one major disadvantage: the driver must hold a license to operate them. This is, in contrast, to walk behind units that don’t need any license.


4. Counter-Balance Walkie Stacker

Counter-balance walkie-stackers use counter-balance load to distribute loads. They can operate in narrower aisles that the more common straddle stacker because they don’t have any straddling legs.


They can also lift standard pallets unlike standard walkie-stackers with front legs. The counter-balance walkie-stackers are the longest in length. This is due to their counter-balance weight which means that they have a greater turning circle than other types.


Counter-balance walkie stacker has the highest lifting mast among all types of walkie stackers, starting at 2,642mm in height and increasing to 5,817 depending upon capacity.


5. Standard Walkie Stacker

Standard Walkie Stackers have legs that rest under the forks to distribute load. They can also lift and move two pallets simultaneously, making them perfect for both transport and stacking. They have the smallest turning radius of all walkie stackers.


They have one major disadvantage: because their legs are under the forks they can’t lift bottomless pallets and similar containers.


These are for use in med-level rack applications, with lifting heights of 1,845mm-4.255mm.


The key advantages of a Walkie-Stacker:

  • Operators don’t need a forklift license to operate a walkie-stacker (except if they are ride-on), but they must be familiar with all safety procedures and obtain permission from their company before they can operate the equipment.
  • Low upfront costs compared to other material handling equipment.
  • Minimum running costs. The ongoing cost of running battery-electric equipment is lower than diesel, LPG, and CNG.
  • They emit no emissions of noise or fumes, making them suitable for indoor material handling. They are also less energy-intensive and produce less carbon dioxide.
  • They are highly mobile and can be used in tight spaces, which allows them to help increase their warehouse capacity.
  • Operator visibility is better due to smaller operators’ visibility when loading loads.

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