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8 Things You Didn’t Know about Handmade Jewelry:

1. You Are Supporting Real People:

It’s hard to know exactly where your money is moving when you purchase from a huge corporation. If you know them in person or feel like you understand them after learning their distinctive narrative, you can keep in mind your purchase supports a true person. This money is used to buy clothing, meals, and vacations for someone whose artistic capability you admire. There’s something very rewarding about realizing your money will go towards something great.

2. A Story Behind Every Piece:

When you wear handmade jewelry, you are a part of this story the manufacturer or artisan is notification through their job. Each performer has a special motive for designing jewelry. Their designs are sending a message. Maybe only you know the true meaning for this, but you feel that relationship between you and the person who created it.

3. No Volume Production Machinery Involved:

By definition, handmade jewelry is actually just that, made by the”palms” of the artisan or maker. The bits are all soldered, sawed, carved, and formed without using manufacturing machines. A system can crank out tens of thousands of units per hour while an individual may just make a finite quantity. Why does this matter? Care to detail, my buddies! Your handmade jewelry will be much less inclined to have defects and imperfections than something created in bulk.

4. The Value of Time:

As previously mentioned, as there are no machines involved, it requires an amazing amount of time to create just a single piece of handmade jewelry. As a designer, I often spend hours designing one piece of jewelry for a customer. When the design is complete, it may take up to several weeks to make. That’s a good deal of dedication, care, and focus on your item of jewelry.

5. The Designer’s Process:

The manufacturer has a rather intimate relationship with every bit or style they create. The design procedure is critical to the value that is inherent in each piece. Emilie Shapiro discusses her process and says,”While creating jewelry, there’s a very intimate relationship with my own work. I understand each curve and line is put there with intention. As a maker, your energy goes into the piece.”

6. Exclusivity:

Machines can keep going even after the programmer is gone. Handmade jewelry differs. Makers and artisans may simply produce a small number of pieces in their career for a designer. Having a piece of handmade jewelry implies you likely have a limited edition which gives you a sense of exclusivity. Bear in mind, they can retire at any moment, making it impossible to get another.

7. Materials:

In virtually every case, the materials involved in a handmade bit are of stellar quality. It’s hard to regulate or even know just what alloys are used in mass production factories where the sudden nickel or other metals can cause unwanted reactions. Handmade materials are usually sourced from highly reputable suppliers.

8. Sustainability:

Antique manufacturers are usually dedicated to sustainability and sourced materials. By character, being ethical can be much more costly than taking the easy route and buying from the refiner or dealer with low rates and shady sourcing. Tagua jewelry designer Paola Delgado further defines sustainability:”By giving the people that we utilize education opportunities and fair trade wages, we try to provide them the tools to attain financial independence and develop [into] their own. For me, treating the people who you utilize [with] respect is sustainable and sensible business practice.”

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