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Side Effects and Risks of Contact Lenses

Blockage of oxygen supply to the eyes

Contact lenses are placed directly on the eyes and cover the entire cornea. This will reduce the oxygen supply to your eyes. To keep your eyes healthy, you need to have a good supply of oxygen.

Because they transmit more oxygen, silicone or soft hydrogel lenses are better than conventional soft contact lenses. These lenses will be even better for your eyes over the long-term. Do not wear contact lenses for extended periods of time.

Dry eyes

Contact lenses reduce the amount of tears that get on the cornea because they absorb most of the tears from our eyes to keep it soft. This causes dry eyes which can cause itchiness, burning sensations and reddening of the eyes. Scarring the cornea can cause severe pain if the eyes become too dry.

Eyedrops can be used to relieve chronic eye dryness.

Combination of Medication, particularly Birth Control Pills, can cause irritation

Chronic dry eyes and irritation can be caused by concurrent use of contraceptive pill and contact lens. Changes will occur in the tear film. It primarily consists three layers that protect, nourish, and bathe the eye surface.

Combining contact lenses and birth control pills can cause severe tearing and burning, as well as a combination of the two. This condition will be exacerbated by a restricted oxygen flow to the eyes.

Do not use lenses while you are taking the pill.

Diminished Corneal Reflex

Contact lenses can cause a diminished corneal reflex. Corneal reflex, a protective mechanism for the eye, is where the brain signals the eyes to lower their heads to protect the cornea from any pressure. Corneal reflex ensures that our eyes are closed when we experience direct trauma, such as a flying object hitting our eyes or someone trying to poke us.

Contact lenses can cause your body to forget the natural corneal reflex. If you don’t close your eyes quickly enough to avoid danger, this may cause the corneal reflex to become less responsive.

Limit the amount of lenses you use. To ensure that the corneal reflex doesn’t get diminished by constant wear, only use glasses at home.

Corneal Abrasion

If the lenses aren’t fitted correctly or your eyes are too dry, there is a chance that they could scratch your cornea.

Avoid sleeping with contact lenses on as they can cause abrasion. Contact lenses trap dirt, sand and other particles and rub against your cornea. These scratches can cause eye infections and open the door for bacteria and viruses to enter your eyes.

If you are careless with inserting or removing contact lenses, you could even scratch your cornea. Make sure you carefully fit your lenses and never sleep with them.

Red eye or conjunctivitis

If you wear contact lenses for a long time, especially at night, there is a high chance of developing conjunctivitis or stye. Contact lenses can create a moist environment that could be a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. The body can’t fight an infection caused by bacteria or viruses as well as lenses because it doesn’t get as much oxygen to the cornea.

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