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8 Top Tips To Take Care Of Your Luxury Leather Bags:

1. Use a handbag organizer

  • Avoid the possible frustration of locating lipstick stains all over your purse following the lip fell off, or even a sticky mess from the leaky bottle of juice.
  • Using a handbag organizer to keep items in place. It also makes it much easier to change from 1 bag to another.

2. We all heard switch from one bag to another

  • In case you didn’t catch this, switch up your luggage!
  • Rotate between a couple of distinct handbags to lessen wear and tear — you’ll extend their lifespan for longer than you think.

3. Keep them dry

  • If you got stuck in a horrible downpour, dab — DON’T wipe — the water onto your purse immediately.
  • Leave it to dry naturally in ambient room air temperatures away from any heat sources or sunlight.

4. Clean them well

  • If you use your luggage regularly, wipe down it to a weekly basis using a soft cloth.
  • Never use household cleaners or simply any chemical to clean leather. Invest in a high-quality leather cleaner.
  • Also, remember to check the cleaner on a small, inconspicuous area of your luggage before completely using it, which means you are the cleaner won’t damage your bag’s leather.
  • Wash the inside of your bag as well!

5. Know your spots

  • When it is a fresh ink or dirt blot, use a white eraser immediately to gently eliminate the spot.
  • If it’s a dirt stain, use talcum powder (routine infant powder) into the affected area liberally to soak up the dirt. Ideally, allow the powder to sit overnight to do its own work.
  • Do your research before applying just any product or strategy to remove stains out of your leather purse. BUT depart the obstinate stains into the specialists — they know best, and they will treat and clean your luggage for you, therefore, it is like new.

6. Get off on the Perfect foot

Think about having metal toes installed at the base of your luggage if it doesn’t all ready to defend the base from scratches and dirt, particularly once you place it down.

7. Moisturize

  • The leather is to your own bag what skin is for you personally, so it needs TLC, also.
  • Use a leather regularly to restore flexibility to the leather fibers, making it supple and free of fractures.

8. Store it well if you’re not using it

  • Keep it in a vertical position, in a dust bag.
  • If you have dropped the dust bag, a soft, natural fiber pillowcase makes for a fantastic alternative too. Never store them in plastic or vinyl — these trap moisture indoors, producing your bag susceptible to mildew damage and mold.

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