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Surprising Benefits of Rose Essential Oil:

Rose essential oil is a sort of essential oil widely used in aromatherapy. Sourced in the Rosa damascena plant, also it comprises the blossom’s aromatic compounds. As these chemicals are thought to possess healing properties, rose essential oil is traditionally employed for numerous health-related purposes.

How It Works

As stated by aromatherapy practitioners, inhaling essential oil molecules, or absorbing essential oils through the skin, transmits messages to the limbic system — a brain area responsible for controlling feelings and affecting the nervous system.


When applied directly to skin care products comprising rose essential oil are supposed to moisturize sensitive skin, clear acne, decrease signs of aging, minimize the appearance of scars, and help with conditions such as eczema and rosacea.

Rose essential oil is usually touted as a rosemary Treatment for the following health issues:

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Headaches
  • Menopausal symptoms
  • Menstrual cramps
  • Migraines

Furthermore, the improved essential oil is supposed to enhance sex drive, reduce stress, stimulate circulation, rejuvenate memory, and improve mood.

So far, scientific support for the benefits of improved essential oil is fairly limited. Here’s a look at some key findings from a scientific study on the health benefits of rose essential oil:

1) Stress

Rose essential oil might help alleviate stress, based on a 2009 study published in Organic Product Communications. For the study, 40 healthy volunteers consumed either increased essential oil or placebo in their skin. Results demonstrated that those who received increased essential oil experienced a greater rise in feelings of calm and comfort, as well as a greater decrease in breathing rate and blood pressure, in contrast to those that received the placebo.

2) Sleeping

A small study published in Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice in 2014 indicates that rose essential oil can improve sleep quality in people urinating in coronary care units. In a study involving 60 people, individuals who received regular care plus rose oil aromatherapy for three subsequent nights had a better quality of sleep in comparison to individuals who received regular care.

3) Stress

Several preliminary studies suggest that increased essential oil might help alleviate stress. By way of instance, a study published in Nephro-Urology Monthly in 2016 analyzed the use of rosemary with increased water for stress at hemodialysis patients and discovered that rising water noticeably reduced stress levels.

Rose essential oil may be of advantage to women experiencing menopause, suggests a 2008 study published in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine. As an example, researchers delegated 25 menopausal women to each week massages with several essential oils, such as lavender and jasmine essential oils, in addition to improved and rose geranium essential oils.

When blended with lavender oil, cinnamon, and clove oils in a base of almond oil, rose essential oil used for an abdominal massage might be effective in decreasing the severity of menstrual cramps. According to a study published in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine at 2013, scientists discovered that girls who had a stomach massage once daily for seven days prior to menstruation utilizing the oil blend experienced less pain (both intensity and duration) compared to women who received a massage with almond oil alone.

Tips on Using It

Rose essential oil can also be inhaled after scattering a dip or two of the oil on a cloth or tissue, or simply by using an aromatherapy diffuser or vaporizer.

Possible Side Effects

Essential oils are highly concentrated, so you should use caution when using them. Rose essential oil shouldn’t be taken internally.

Essential oils must be diluted in a carrier oil before being put on the skin and also should not be applied to the eyes or mucous membranes or applied too (the oil can be absorbed through skin and toxicity can occur if too much is implemented ). With any essential oil, there is the possibility of contact sensitivity. A skin patch test is recommended before using any new essential oil.

Pregnant and nursing women and kids should consult their main health care providers before using essential oils. You can learn more about how to use essential oils safely.

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