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Alpha Dog Nutrition Discount Code for Your Favorite Brand

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10 Tips to Improve Your Dog’s Health:

1. Research the label & avoid big brands:

You can do this by assessing each ingredient into Google followed closely by”bad for dogs” or even”great for puppies”Avoid these ingredients at all costs:

  • Meat by merchandise
  • soy flour
  • ground yellow corn
  • gluten meal
  • meat and bone meal
  • animal digest
  • Artificial colors and flavors
  • Artificial preservatives

2. Feed new whole foods:

Your dogs may easily consume the nutrients found in whole foods. You can either puree the entire food or feed raw. First, research what fruits and vegetables your dog can safely consume. Fresh fruits and veggies are filled with live enzymes which may enhance your pet’s health. They also contain fiber that may help your pet’s digestive tract by enhancing stools and constipation.

3. Feed foods packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatories:

Feeding whole foods which are packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatories reduce inflammation on your dog and enhance health. Inflammation in dogs is serious because it can cause premature aging. It is possible to minimize this by incorporating whole foods to your dog’s diet.

4. Feed Raw Meats:

Cooking meat loses its nutritional value. Cooking meat at high temperatures releases carcinogenic chemicals called heterocyclic amines.

5. Feed organic Produce:

There are a lot of products that are genetically altered. Make sure you feed organic produce. GMOs can create unpredicted allergies, toxins, and toxins, nutrients issues, etc..

6. Avoid Gluten:

Many commercial pet foods contain gluten so as to maintain shelf life. Gluten has been added to pet foods to prevent poor and shaky fats from becoming rancid. Gluten can strain your dog’s kidneys and liver. Little corn gluten quantities can be harmful to your own dogs.

7. Feed organic green lentils:

Do not feed your puppy any grains. They do not eat them in the wild and a few dogs are allergic to it. Green lentils are full of fiber, protein, iron, magnesium, and lysin.

8. Add organic coconut oil to your dog’s diet:

Organic coconut oil modulates your dog’s weight and it goes right to the liver to convert to energy. The more energy that your dog has, the harder your pet is.

9. Balance the part size:

Feed your dog based on his or her weight. If your dog needs to get rid of weight, then feed throughout the day so that your dog can burn more calories. If your puppy should gain weight, then feed him closer to bedtime so that your dog doesn’t burn a lot of calories.

10. Steer Clear of commercial treats:

It’s healthier for you dog when he eats fresh organic treats such as carrots, instead of snacks which contain harmful ingredients which are able to make your dog overweight.

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