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Essential Skills to Survive

In extreme circumstances in extreme conditions, humans can endure in a solitary state for three minutes or shelter for three hours and three days with no water and up to the same time without eating for three months.

Your body is a living organism with certain biological needs that are essential to live. While there are other aspects which contribute to overall health and well-being in the end the body requires five essential elements.

Our bodies are amazing machines that can accomplish many more things than we think they are for. However, just like every other mechanical device, there is maintenance required to keep the machine running at its top.

The five fundamental requirements needed to provide fuel to the body are:

  • Air
  • Water
  • Food
  • Shelter
  • Sleep

It is important to take into account not just the existence of these five elements however, but also their quality also. If you wish for your body to live and prosper, it’s essential that you fuel your body with nutritious foods sufficient sleep, lots of water and good air quality and shelter.

Santevia will examine the various criteria that are essential to survival and explain the best way to supply your body with fuel needed to function to its highest level. While each of these elements is essential but there are other ways to provide your body with the right fuel to allow you to be successful.


The air in Earth’s atmosphere is comprised mostly of nitrogen gas The element essential to human survival is oxygen. Oxygen is among the essential needs of humans. Our bodies require a regular supply of it in order to perform optimally.

In the absence of oxygen the brain can suffer from a condition called cerebral hypoxia. This condition causes brain damage. In as little as five minutes of air deprivation could result in brain damage. Deprivation of oxygen for up to 15 minutes could cause brain damage that is so serious that the majority of people won’t recover. Oxygen is among the main needs of the body.


In addition to air Water is the most important ingredient of our existence. Our bodies are composed 70 percent water and during every day, we exhaust our bodies’ supply. This is the reason it’s so important to keep hydrated.

On a normal day, the body’s water loss is due to natural processes like sweating exhaling, breathing defecating, breathing, and other bodily processes. Most of the time, this water will be replenished by the food and drinks you consume during the day. But, if this replenishment is not maintained by a lack of water, it will eventually cause dehydration.

The process of dehydration begins when the body fails to keep hydrated. A 2.5 percent decrease in the volume of water in one person could result in an increase of 25% in the volume of blood. In extreme instances this means that the blood becomes thicker and the heart will have to be more efficient in pumping nutrients throughout the body.

A decreased blood volume decreases the circulation to the extremities of the body, causing an umbrilly sensation in the toes and fingers. In this case the blood is just too thick to pass through the tiny capillaries of the brain, making it difficult to concentrate and concentrate for any length of time. Naturally, this situation could only occur in extreme situations. If dehydration is this severe it is necessary to seek medical attention right away.

The consequences of moderate dehydration could be severe. The symptoms of mild dehydration are dry mouth dryness, dark urine, and headaches. Dehydration in this way could hinder your brain’s ability to perform at its full capacity and lead to what people refer to as “brain fog”. The symptoms of brain fog may manifest in a variety of ways, including headaches, fatigue during the afternoon problems focusing, headaches, and even anger and depression.

It is common for people to not drink enough all day long for various reasons, but it’s important to identify the reasons for this and think about what you can do to make adjustments. If you’re overwhelmed or have a lot to do, creating reminders on your phone could make it easier. If you’re always at a different location You could take an empty water bottle all day long to ensure you’re able to drink water. If you aren’t a fan of drinking water that tastes bad, consider an Filter to enjoy fresh, delicious water.

No matter the reason, it’s essential to figure out ways for ensuring that not just is your body functioning but it also has the ability to be at its very best. We at Water Systems we recognize the importance of staying hydrated. It can be challenging. This is why we decided to create a line products that will help you stay well-hydrated, healthy and alkaline.


It’s surprising that the body is able to survive for for a long time without food. This is mostly due to the way your body regulates its metabolism and the consumption of energy.

It’s hard to know the length of time a person will last without this type of food, but the majority of estimates range from 30 and forty-days. While this is a bit of a stretch (and most likely, unappealing!) to many, it’s likely.

In fact, a lot of religious and social organizations engage often in fasts that are short-term including hunger strikes to support social causes or religious motives. Your body will perform normally for as long as eight hours with no food. In normal situations the human body converts foods into glucose. It powers the body.

After eight hours, in the majority of human bodies the glucose stores become exhausted. The body will turn to the muscles and your liver to store glycogen. In the span of about three days your body is able to use amino acids to fuel itself. At this point however, your body will begin to make significant changes to the metabolism of its body to help preserve the body’s lean tissue to ensure its to ensure survival. It is important to note that this is only seen during extreme situations of starvation , which lasts for many days.

For the majority of North Americans, problems pertaining to food are related to the how well the food they consume rather than the quantity. According to public figures that the majority of Americans don’t consume enough vegetables, fruits and healthy fats but they are also consuming a lot of grains as well as sodium, sugars along with saturated fat.

The truth is that healthy fresh, healthy foods are often viewed as a luxury across North America. The additional financial and time cost of eating vegetables and fruits outweigh the advantages to a lot of.

But, it has had severe health problems for a lot of. Along with the rise in overweight as well as Type 2 diabetes, many North Americans are experiencing vitamin deficiencies they may not be aware of. A large proportion of North Americans are deficient in potassium, calcium and magnesium, as well as many other vital vitamins. Micronutrient deficiencies can be detrimental to long-term and short-term health.

The positive side is that many of these issues can be cured and avoided through the use of an optimum diet. A healthy diet of fresh vegetables and fruits can provide your body with vital nutrients and vitamins.

Similar to drinking mineralized alkaline water will replenish your body’s water and supply the body with essential nutrients. It is essential to consult with a doctor prior to making any modifications to your diet generally speaking who are overweight, a change in the quality of the food and beverages they consume could have a positive impact on their lives.

Water, as well as food, have a significance on the scale of pH. So, the food is consumed can be classified as either acidic or alkaline. Making sure to eat mostly alkaline foods rather than acidic meals aids in keeping our bodies in a well-balanced, optimal state. Although this additional information may appear daunting initially, it’s really quite simple to eat predominantly alkaline foods.

The majority of foods that are thought of as “unhealthy” actually acidic in the scale. A high level of acidity in the body can cause illnesses and increase the risk of chronic illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

On the other hand fresh fruits and vegetables such as the broccoli, kale and others are foods that are alkaline. Proteins like poultry, meat and fish are considered acidic in the scale. However, this does not mean you should eliminate these foods completely, but it is important to be mindful of the ratio of acidic to alkaline foods to aid your body in reducing acidity and attain the best health.


An appropriate shelter and clothing can help protect your body from the elements and keeping it at a constant temperature. The most significant issue with being in the open air is the loss of water. Wind and cold temperatures could vaporize vital moisture as fast as high temperatures can trigger sweat-related loss.

If the body of a person cannot keep a constant temperature, it could be at danger of being hypothermic or suffering from heat stroke. In the event of hypothermia it is when the body loses the ability to regulate internal temperature. When a person suffers from heat stroke the nervous system of central nerves begins to degrade and the brain gets overheated and eventually dies.


Sleep deprivation has been overlooked as a requirement to survive. However, a serious absence of sleep could affect your health as well as your life. Issues could range from lower body temperature, hallucinations and cognitive impairment.

While the sleep-related mechanisms aren’t fully comprehended, the side consequences of lack of sleep can be. Headaches can start as early as 24 hours following the loss of sleep. After 72 hours memory loss, and reality gets blurred. After this point, driving can be extremely dangerous. After 96 consecutive hours of sleep, your cognitive abilities are significantly impaired. After six days of no sleep, hallucinations can begin to appear and you’re unable to concentrate or do tasks. This lack of focus could be life-threatening.

Although most North Americans do not experience excessive sleep deprivation on daily basis, a lot of people do not get enough rest each night. The amount of rest required is different from person to individual It is crucial to find out what amount of you need to sleep in order to benefit your body.

The amount of rest needed by an individual is dependent on the age and level of activity and can vary throughout the course of one’s life. For some, it may be beneficial to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier, whereas others prefer sleeping in.

Sometimes , sleep isn’t always an excellent thing. In reality, excessive sleep may cause the development of its own issues, and in certain circumstances, could be indicative of already-existing issues. Some of the factors that could contribute to excessive sleep are diabetes, obesity headaches, depression and heart disease.

If you’re experiencing more difficulty than normal getting up in the early morning, it could be indication to consult your doctor about the need for adjustments.

Also, it is important to think about aspects that could affect on the level of sleeping. Things like mattresses, pillows as well as the humidity of your bedroom, as well as lighting that flows through your windows could affect whether your body is sleeping effectively through the entire night. Try different alternatives to determine which one is the best for your personal needs and preferences.

How do you Get Thrive?

If you’re like us here at Santevia We don’t just intend to simply exist. We want to live and succeed. We aim to live each day to the fullest and remain healthy and fit.

The body you are born with is the only thing you’ll ever have and the significance of food, air water, shelter, and sleep can’t be overemphasized. It’s not only about survival. To thrive remain open to improvement and modify the quality of your life.

Furthermore, the health of our family is also important to us. Inspiring people to make healthier food decisions can be difficult, particularly if the relatives aren’t children nowadays! Offering easy access to water that is healthy, clean mineralized and alkaline water in your home will inspire those close to you to keep hydrated and lead a healthy life.

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