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Reasons JEWELRY makes us better people

I believe that any activity that involves regularly collecting things or making money can be a sign of a disorder and implies negative things. In reality I believe these activities are a source of relaxation (and I’m sure my dad would be with me on the subject of boating). The right term is the treatment. Jewelry is the antidote not the cause.

The jewelry and objects they are made of are able to help heal and to connect.

Do not think I’m being naive… most importantly,, I believe that everyone has the capacity to feel loved and empowered and connected just by being alive and breathing. Being grounded in ourselves and acknowledging that we connect to everything through our spirit and soul is sufficient. The material world cannot substitute inner peace, real affection and love. But I do believe that physical objects can transfer us and bring us back to the inner joy as well as our family members and memories.

Jewelry can transport us to other times and places.

The gift we receive keeps us thinking of the gift giver. If we own a unique piece of jewelry that was given our by someone that we cherish and wear it every time we wear itor look at it in our possessions we think of the person. We’re reminded of that moment when we received the item as well as the words spoken about it, and the way we felt – all the affection and love between us resurfaces.

Jewelry can’t replace love , of course however it is a powerful physical reminder of the connection.

If we feel loved by someone, we naturally want give back to others so that everyone feels adored.

Jewelry connects us with other people and brings forth feelings of love and affection.

Maybe you have an official ring from your class that represents your friendship with your classmates as well as your college of your choice?

I didn’t receive the ring of my class, however all the ladies in my household wear the same band on our pinky fingers. It’s a knot of love that my mom made for us to keep us reminded of our family connection and our love for each other that’ll remain with us no whatever. Each time I look at my ring, my mind is of my mother, my sisters, my sisters-in-laws, nieces, and my parents. It’s amazing how one small piece of gold can bring so much affection and love every single day.

When we feel loved and cherished, we can risk taking risks to make life better (for us and those around us) and believe in the blessings the universe will give us what we need.

Jewelry can make us feel refreshed and attractive.

Sometimes, women feel unattractive. or obese. or unappealing in different ways. Or perhaps we are bored or tired by our style.

The right jewelry (and sneakers!) can make us feel beautiful once more. When putting affirmations into the mirror doesn’t work looking polished on the outside can provide us with the lift needed to feel more confident within.

It’s a fake it until you can’t believe it mentality. just a bit of something to give us confidence will help us reconnect with our inner sexy.

When we feel relaxed and confident, we can channel the same feeling to everyone in our vicinity, creating the day more enjoyable.

In lieu of having a dull moment make you feel unattractive or unattractive, putting on the right jewelry can make us feel beautiful and attractive. The fact is the earrings are always flattering regardless of how bloated we are!

Jewelry is a source of reward and empowerment.

The awards aren’t just tiny gold statues. The jewelry is presented to acknowledge the achievements of individuals and to remind them of how strong and strong they are with determination and perseverance.

Military and presidential awards honor those who have medallions or pins. Olympic medals honor the best athletes by putting a necklace that is worn around their necks. In a more accessible way The Inspiring Women Project recognizes those who do good work for their communities and families with the award of a silver necklace.

Honoring great achievements like graduations, promotions at work or other achievements by wearing jewelry is an excellent way to remind us of the pride we have in our capabilities. Each time we put on the jewelry, we are confident that we are able to accomplish whatever it is we put our minds to.

If we feel confident and capable, we can take on more and make a difference in our community.

Jewelry is a way to bring our ancestors to the forefront of our lives (in our minds and hearts). ).

Perhaps you’ve been gifted your grandmother’s pearls or your great cousin’s wedding rings? Every time a piece jewelry is passed down from an generation onto the next shares along the stories and memories of our ancestors.

Reimagining the jewelry you have inherited to create new treasures is wonderful way to pay tribute to the old while giving it an updated look that is more suited to your own style. The necklace may appear different, but it is a pearl necklace, and every time you wear it , you’ll remember her.

It doesn’t matter if it’s an updated design or an original piece of jewelry is, the story of jewelry serves as an excellent memory of where we’ve come from and the people who have given us the identity we have today.

When we feel a connection with our history, we can have greater confidence when looking forward to the future.

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