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Wood Therapy: Benefits

Wood treatment can do more than just a Baby Yoda caricature. Wood treatment is one of the most popular body treatments in 2021. It is easy to see why. Modern methods that target all types of “problem areas” in your body combine the revitalizing and calming effects of a traditional massage in wood therapy massage. We know what we are talking about! A great massage can help you feel relaxed and refreshed. Wood therapy can also tighten and shape certain areas of your body, while decreasing cellulite. All of this is possible without the use of lasers or scalpels. Instead, you can rely on wood-based implements. Find out everything you need to know about wood therapy.

What’s wood therapy?

Wood therapy, which originated in Asia, is a holistic treatment that has been used for millennia. The practice spread to North America and Europe. In the beginning, practitioners used crude tools to relieve pain. Today, however, therapists use smooth, wooden tools to perform modern wood therapy treatments in spas or beauty salons. This wellness procedure involves the use of wooden tools and direct pressure on the arms, legs and stomach. The tools can be used to reduce muscle and fat, and speed up lymphatic drainage. As the lymphatic drainage works to flush out toxins, your body will appear more toned and chiseled.

What are the advantages wood therapy?

Wood therapy has many benefits. It can help you get a more toned body, as it helps to flush out impurities. We also mentioned that no scalpels will be used. When you begin receiving regular sessions of wood therapy, you’ll likely experience the following benefits:

  • Natural, non-invasive treatment
  • The body is toned and defined
  • Reduces muscle tension
  • Helps energize your body
  • It stimulates lymphatic drainage and removes toxins
  • Improves blood circulation
  • May speed up metabolism
  • Reduces cellulite
  • May aid in fat loss

Top Wood Therapy Advantages

Wood therapy has gained popularity due to its many sought-after benefits. These are the top benefits of wood therapy equipment.

Cellulite Lessening the Appearance

It was surprising to discover that wood therapy tools and similar massage techniques can help reduce cellulite. Rearranging the fascia tissue that causes the skin to look sloppy is how this is accomplished. With a steady usage of 3-5 days per week, wood therapy equipment can reduce the appearance of cellulite. Wood therapy equipment can be maintained with regular care to maintain the cellulite-reducing benefits. However, it is okay to miss a few sessions. You should move vigorously for 5-10 minutes over a small area to get rid of cellulite using wood tools. Then, move on to the next part of your body.

Breaking down Fat

Large areas of fat are often broken down and reshaped with woodworking tools. Wood therapy rollers can be rolled quickly back and forth, making it difficult to break down fat cells or loosen tight tissue. Common tools include stick rollers and ropes made with wood rollers.

Lymphatic Systems

Wood therapy can also aid in lymphatic drainage. This helps to eliminate pollutants from your body. You can do this with one tool. Start at your ankles, and work your way up to your armpits or heart, where your lymph nodes are located. This will allow lymph fluid and other bodily toxins to flow into your lymph nodes. Your body can then eliminate them through sweat, the bowels and your breath.

Body Contouring

Wood tools are great for contouring your body. You can reorganize your blood vessels, cover your skin and “sculpt” your body. You can shape parts of your body with wood tools using a moderately aggressive approach. To make this happen, blood is moved and fat is removed from certain areas. Wood therapy equipment can be used in a variety of areas, including the thighs, belly, and glutes.

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