4 Ways To Keep Your Dog Smelling Fresh Every Day April 2024

Nobody wants his/her pet to be unclean, unhygienic and stinky. We love our pets but we do not love the dog’s messy they can bring into our home. When it comes to dog smell, your pet care weapons of choice should include dog shampoo and dog conditioner & perfumes.

How to prevent bad breath :


Preventing your dog’s bad breath is only possible with a toothbrush of the right size. Appetizingly flavoured toothpaste also makes the process more fun for your dog. Everyday Brush your dog’s teeth for 2 minute and this routine must be followed for everyday. Taking the right steps will help you keep your dog clean and odour free with elan!

Wet your dog with shampoo:

wet your dog with shampoo

Wet you dog from the top of the head and working your way down to the end of the tail, apply warm (but not hot) water to your dog. Shampoo the outside of the ears, the legs, the chest, belly, and the rest of the body.

Rinse the shampoo:


Wash shampoo with warm water and avoid water to entering the eyes of dogs.

Immediately Dry your dog after bath:

Dry your dog after bath

Using a towel, dry your dog as much as you are able.

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